Diverse Set of National Concerns Topped by Widespread Economic Worries

September 13, 2010

The diversity of the United States population has been well-documented: a multi-ethnic mixture of more than 310 million people, comprised of individuals from a wide range of educational and economic backgrounds. Providing effective leadership for such a country is exceedingly challenging. The range of worldviews, faith perspectives, and personal dreams and expectations held by Americans makes it difficult for a national leader to possess a comprehensive and coherent point-of-view that a majority of the public will support.

The latest national survey by The Barna Group underscores the breadth of opinions and concerns that Americans possess.Breadth of ConcernsThe national survey among 1,000 randomly chosen adults found that more than 40 different national issues were listed by a significant number of people as matters that they consider to be the most important for the nations leaders to address. Those issues related to dimensions such as strengthening the nations economy, environmental protection, morality, health care, national security, education, international relations, lifestyle, government corruption, constitutional rights, oil dependency, and the role of government.The population groups among whom the greatest diversity of issues were expressed included adults in their mid-20s to mid-40s; residents of the western…

via The Barna Group – Diverse Set of National Concerns Topped by Widespread Economic Worries.

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