We Digress

The church today finds itself in an interesting spot. On one hand, we are commanded to love all people who struggle with sin. On the other hand, we cannot affirm sin nor turn a blind eye to the unrepentant practice of sin by those who claim to be Christ’s followers. We care so much for others that our desire for them is to have a relationship with God via repentance, but in return, we are labeled haters and homophobes. What irony. Those who love are called haters, and those filled with hate are called tolerant. Liberals are “mainstream,” while those who support the tenets of Scripture are called mean-spirited fundamentalists. Up is down and down is up. Right is wrong and wrong is right. We make decisions based on not offending others, never stopping to ask if God is offended by our position. Folks, this is not progression; it’s digression.

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