Midday Meditation

Reading: Romans 4:6-13
Circumcision was the physical sign that, for the Jewish
nation, represented obedience to the whole law. They knew they
were God’s chosen people because they were circumcised, and
they carried in their bodies their commitment to obey God’s Law. So,
you can imagine how shocking it would have been for faithful Jews
to hear Christian preachers like Paul saying that God was more
concerned for faith than circumcision, and that God accepted and
loved uncircumcised Gentiles just as much as God’s own people.
As we read these words we may question whether they have any
relevance for us. We don’t hold circumcision in such high regard,
and we don’t make our faith all about obeying the Law. Yet, we all
fall, far too easily, into legalistic religion. We may begin to feel that
unless we believe certain key doctrines, or refrain from certain
actions, or worship in certain ways, we aren’t really accepted by
God. Or, more likely, we may feel this about others who don’t
believe, act, or worship as we do. But, if our relationship with God is
based on such laws, we are all doomed. It is only when we realise
that we, and everyone else, are accepted purely through God’s
grace, which is enjoyed only through faith, that we can find the
freedom of intimate relationship with God. And, only then can we
release ourselves and others from the burden of the law.
As we seek to follow Christ, we don’t live in certain ways in order to
gain God’s favor. We receive God’s favor freely, and this leads us
to live in ways that share this grace and love with others.

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