Tranquility of the Heart

A tranquil heart gives life to the flesh, but envy makes the bones rot Prov. 14:30

Heavenly Father, this tapestry of Scriptures is both convicting and consoling. It’s convicting, because, on-a-daily-basis, I can be envious of anybody, covetous of anything, discontent with everything.

I can get envious of people who have less hassles and more resources; people who can play hard and require little sleep; people who can eat a whole cheesecake and lose weight; extroverts who have limitless people energy, while, as an introvert, I have a small social-tank.

I don’t covet my neighbor’s ox or donkey, but I’d love to have their pain-free knees and 20/15 vision; organizing skills and Yoga-stretch-flexibility. I don’t covet my neighbor’s male or female servant, but I would love his/her ability to fix whatever breaks in the house and car; write great songs, cook French pastry, and paint detailed watercolor landscapes.

But as convicting as these verses are, Father, they are even more consoling to me. Because through the Gospel I’ve come to realize (and believe most of the time) that all I really need is Jesus plus what you choose to give me. You are a good, good, and generous Father. The greater our experience of your grace, the greater our tranquility of heart.

If I had everything I covet and want, it’d never be enough. Ingratitude is soul-cancer, comparison is heart disease, and envy is a relentless idol factory. Indeed, only Jesus, the riches of grace, and the provision of heaven are enough. So very Amen I pray, in Jesus’ matchless and magnificent name.

David Bock

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