Not Difficult to Nurture

Romans 4:1-12

It has always been tempting to make religion about law. Laws are easy and
clear—you either do them or you don’t. Laws don’t require soul-searching,
confession or transformation. But, as Paul was always pointing out, God is
not particularly concerned about law. Rather, for God it’s about faith. But
the kind of faith God seeks is not just agreeing with certain ideas in our
heads. It’s about relationship, about commitment, about our whole lives
being oriented around God’s presence and purposes. For Abraham,
circumcision did not earn him God’s favour. It was the sign of God’s
favour, which was already his!

In the Old Testament the act of circumcision was a sign that God’s people
were committing to living in relationship with God and with one another. In
the New Testament, baptism is the equivalent sign—and even Jesus was
prepared to share in it! Both circumcision and baptism only have meaning,
though, when they are rooted in faith—in a deep, intimate connection with
God that transforms us. That’s why the apostle calls all people, Jew and
Gentile, to faith in Christ. Baptism and Christlike living are not ways to earn
God’s grace. They are the sign that we are already accepted by God, and
the fruit of our faith in God’s grace.

Faith is not difficult to nurture, in spite of what some may think. In fact, to
grow in faith, all you have to do is develop the practice of thanksgiving,
because the more you see of God’s grace and goodness in your life, the
more you trust it. So, today, give thanks at every opportunity & let your faith

Thank you, Dear God, for welcoming me into your family and for your
constant grace.

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