The Waiting Life

Waiting and trusting are practices that are frequently taught in the
Scriptures. They are not passive ways of living but are activities that actively
orient our lives around God’s presence, purposes and priorities. This is why
the Psalmist celebrates God as a fortress and the source of true victory in
living. This is why he encourages people to trust God, and to reject a life of
dishonest gain or materialism. In the short term ‘playing’ the human
systems of wealth and power may seem to bring life and joy, but when we
wait—when we commit to a life lived from an eternal perspective—we
discover that God’s Reign offers far more lasting benefits. This waiting takes
a commitment to trust and to live from the call that God has given us.
When Jonah was called to be a prophet, he knew it would challenge his
prejudices and values and so he ran away. But ultimately God’s call would
not release him, and he finally obeyed. When Jesus called the fishermen,
they knew they would be leaving their nets and using their talents for a
different cause. When we respond to God’s call, we may remain in the
same house, job or circumstances, but we know that everything about us—
who we are, what we value, and what guides our lives—has changed. And
so, we become those who live waiting on God, and trusting in God’s Reign.

The waiting life requires us to slow down, embrace stillness, and allow our
awareness to expand beyond the immediate realities of our world. Today,
create ‘waiting moments’ whenever you can. This doesn’t have to take lots
of time. It can be a brief moment in the midst of your usual activities when
you stop, recognize God’s presence and reaffirm your faith in God and
your acceptance of God’s call.

I wait on you, O God, and trust in your Gracious Presence.

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