Prayer for an Unbelieving Child

I have become quite a fan of Kathleen Nielson’s new set of prayer books for parents. Through four short volumes she provides prayers for parents of young children, of teens, of young adults, and of adult children. This prayer is from the volume dedicated to prayers for young adults and asks the Lord to save an unbelieving child.

Break your light upon my child’s heart, O Lord who only said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. You sent your light into this world, a light that shines in darkness and is not ever overcome.

O shine the light of Jesus in his heart, merciful Father, by your Spirit, that my child may believe.

Thank you, sovereign God, that you hold my beloved child in your hand. You always have, and all my efforts—sometimes feeble or foolish, sometimes wise—you know, you use, according to your plan. I know that you are sovereign and that you are good, and so I still my yearning soul before your throne.

In you is life, fully revealed and given in your Son who died for sinners who deserve that death, who rose that sinners who believe might live. Enlarge my heart, I pray, to yearn for many sinners to believe and live.

But now I stop to pray again, and I will pray again, O Lord of life: please shine the light of Jesus in his heart, that my child may believe.

T. Challies

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