The Tell of the Tape on COVID Vaccines

A new poll has broken down the level of vaccinations among Americans, with the results showing that 59% of white Evangelicals have been jabbed.

The poll, conducted by NBC News, shows the different groups across the country and the percentage of their population that have been vaccinated.

NBC’s poll results cab be seen below:

  • All adults: 69 percent
  • Men: 67 percent
  • Women: 71 percent
  • 18-34: 63 percent
  • 35-49: 58 percent
  • 50-64: 71 percent
  • 65+: 86 percent
  • Whites: 66 percent
  • Blacks: 76 percent
  • Latinos: 71 percent
  • Urban residents: 79 percent
  • Suburban residents: 67 percent
  • Rural residents: 52 percent
  • White evangelicals: 59 percent
  • White non-college grads: 60 percent
  • White college grads: 80 percent

The number of Americans getting vaccinated is on the rise, as the statistics above clearly point out. While there is a strong divide between those that support the vaccine and those that don’t, the numbers show that Americans are, by and large, putting their faith in the vaccine so that the country can continue to remain open for business.

Christians, as the stats show, are much slower on the take up. Part of the issue may be the amount of information circulating in the Christian community as to whether the vaccine is a form of government control, and even part of an End Times plan. The skepticism among Christians remains high.

Franklin Graham, speaking between the lines in a recent post on social media, essentially encouraged Christians to consider getting vaccinated.

“Some good news on the vaccine front this morning as Pfizer received full FDA approval for their COVID-19 vaccine,” he said. “Some people have expressed concern about only having emergency-use approval, so I hope this will relieve those concerns. I’m thankful for the doctors and scientists who have worked diligently to develop a vaccine that can help save lives as we have seen so many vaccines do throughout history.

“We are all praying for an end to this pandemic, but as for right now the coronavirus is still with us—very real, very contagious, and it can be very deadly. I’ve seen what COVID-19 can do to the body, and I want as many people as possible to avoid that.”

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