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Psalm 63 is one of confidence and comfort in God’s presence. It is attributed to the time when David was hiding in the wilderness of Judah as a result of persecution. The first part of the Psalm longs for the protection of the Temple, where those who were threatened could find sanctuary and protection. But, along with this longing comes the confidence that God’s presence is with us everywhere and at all times. This gives us strength and hope, in spite of the difficult circumstances.

The Psalm ends with a rather violent wish for the Psalmist’s enemies to die and become food for jackals. While this sentiment is understandable, and very human, it should not be confused with God’s protection and care for God’s people. Although we may at times feel like we would like to see our enemies destroyed, in God’s Kingdom, even enemies become the objects of our love and compassion. So, while we can copy the Psalmist’s honesty, we also seek to learn the compassion of Christ.

The lesson from this text is that God’s presence – His Kingdom – is not only visible in the sanctuary of the Temple (or our churches). God’s Kingdom can be experienced everywhere. But even as God’s Kingdom is constantly becoming more visible in our world, so too, must we grow in our awareness of God’s Rule in our own hearts. Those violent, vengeful parts of us that are still opposed to the grace and forgiveness of God’s grace must ultimately come under the authority of Christ. Becoming a true citizen of God’s Kingdom takes a lifetime!

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