Your Spiritual Discipline for Sunday the 12th

Sometimes, as Christ-followers, we try to use our faith in the same way as the people who listened to John used their ancestry – as an excuse for elitism. Sometimes, we fall into the temptation of thinking that praying a “sinner’s prayer” is all we need to do to be “saved”. But the call of John (and of Jesus) remains – we are only really Christ-followers when our lives embody the principles and purposes of God’s Kingdom – justice, simplicity, generosity and kindness.
Spiritual Discipline
One of the best ways to release our tendency to think of ourselves as “different” or “better” than others is just to get to know those who are different from us in some way – age, race, gender, religion, and nationality. When we learn to welcome these “strangers” we discover that are all God’s beloved children. 

Teach me to welcome all people with the same kindness and generosity you have shown me, Jesus

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