Mary’s Song

As Mary approaches the home of her relative, Elizabeth, the unborn John leaps in Elizabeth’s womb. Then, as Elizabeth welcomes Mary into her home, Mary responds with a song of praise. What is amazing about this song is that it does not focus only on Mary’s blessedness, but on the salvation and blessing of God on God’s people, and on the earth.

The Magnificat, as Mary’s song has come to be known, is essentially a song of protest. It notes how God raises up the poor and vulnerable while bringing down the rich and powerful. It’s a song of hope, of empowerment, of justice and of love. Even before Jesus is born, his mission of justice and peace is proclaimed.

How can you participate in God’s blessing of your life and of the world today?

Your Spiritual Discipline

Go back and read Mary’s Magnificat again. As you read, open your heart and mind to what God may want to say to you about God’s Rule. Then go into your day looking for the signs of God’s Kingdom in your world. Notice what a difference this discipline of listening makes to your life, and to your impact on those around you.


I am listening, O God – tell me more about your Kingdom.

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