Your Vesper Discipline

God most often looks for what prevails in our lives. If unbelief prevails, we will find ourselves repeating our cycles of defeat.

Merciful Father, Your Word says that if people do not persist in unbelief, they can be grafted back into the fullness of Your plan (Rom. 11:23). Thank You, God, for so often granting the gift of second chances!

I don’t want to be like the ancient Israelites who were not able to enter the Promised Land because of their unbelief (Heb. 3:19). In spite of Your chastisement, they kept on sinning. In spite of Your wonders, they did not believe, so You ended their days in futility (Ps. 78:32-33).

O Lord, I don’t want my days to end in futility. I want to be able to participate fully in what You’re doing in my generation.

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