I Do Not Mind…

Why seek ye the living among the dead? He is not here, but is risen. 
Luke 24:5–6

I do not mind telling you that within me I find the Easter message and the reality of the Resurrection more beautiful and glorious than the Christmas scene.
Christmas tells us that Jesus was born—that He was born for the humiliation of suffering and death and atonement.
But Easter is the radiant and glory-filled celebration of Christ’s mighty triumph over the grave and death and hell!
When Easter comes, our voices are raised in the triumphant chorus:
The three sad days had quickly sped;
He rises glorious from the dead!

There is the real beauty! This is more than the beauty of color; more than the beauty of outline or form; more than the beauty of physical proportion.
In the living Christ is the perfection of all beauty; and because He lives, we too shall live in the presence of His beauty and the beauties of heaven forever!

Risen Lord, what a privilege it is to call You my Savior and King! That you triumphed over death is both wonderful and incomprehensible.

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