God IS

1 Peter 5:7

God is a tailor. In the Garden of Eden, not only was God there, present, but He was active. He promised His care and involvement in the everyday lives of humanity. He pledged that the earth would sustain them, that food would be theirs because of the way He designed creation. It all began with God’s command and God’s promise: be fruitful and multiply, and I will supply sustenance.

And later, when the first couple sinned and their innocence was a casualty, He made clothes for them, to cover their nakedness.

Sometimes we come back to these core truths: God IS and God is involved. There are mysteries that we don’t understand and prayers that are seemingly ignored. But from the very beginning of time, God has shown Himself to be interested and involved.

He is not a distant deity, who created the world and then moved on to other cosmic projects. He was, and is, keenly interested in the welfare, morality, environment, and maintenance of His creation. Whatever you know or don’t know today, join me in affirming: God is and God cares.

Ponder: God cares. How have you found that to be true?

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