Moses the Murderer

We often think of Moses as the rescued baby in a basket, the courageous leader of the Hebrews, or the deliverer of God’s Law. It may be easy to forget that Moses was also a murderer.

Today’s text records one of the lowest points in the life of Moses. Leaving the palace, the young man walked among his people who were enslaved by the Egyptians, assigned to hard labor (v. 11). When he saw a person being beaten, he became angry and acted in his defense. He killed the man and buried the body (vv. 11–13). Word of his rash behavior traveled quickly, and Pharaoh plotted to kill him (vv. 14–15). Moses fled from Pharaoh, the Hebrew people, and his past. For the next forty years, he found shelter as a foreigner and started a family in Midian (vv. 21–22). But God did not let Moses’ past alter His plans for his future (vv. 23–25).

Around the age of eighty (Acts 7:30) Moses encountered God at a bush that would not burn. Yahweh saw the misery and suffering of His people and decided to deliver them out of bondage. God could have chosen anybody to lead them, but He chose Moses, the murderer. God did not choose Moses because of his past, but because of his future. Moses’ holy fear of the Lord (Ex. 3:6), compassion for the Hebrew slaves, and teachable spirit (v. 11) made him the perfect servant-leader.

Even though Moses sinned, God used him to breathe life into a dismayed and wandering people. The foreigners would eventually give birth to a nation. Because of Moses’ second chance, out of that nation would come a true servant- leader who surrendered His life, so everyone could get a second chance.

You may feel that what you have done in the past makes you unusable by God. Be encouraged. God has plans for your future. Just as God used Moses, He can use you too.

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