Talk Is Cheap

“As Jesus and his disciples traveled along the road…” I imagine today’s passage as Jesus and the disciples walking and talking like I remember from some of my hikes with friends in Virginia.

Seemingly out of nowhere someone says to Jesus, “I’ll follow you wherever you go.” I wonder why he said that. What was he thinking?

Regardless, Jesus replies with a rather confusing response, also seemingly out of nowhere. In essence, Jesus replies, “I don’t think you know what you are saying!”

It is easy to make promises or commitments to Jesus in those “mountain-top hike” moments. Jesus reminds all of us that following him may not always be as easy as it seems in those moments. What if following Jesus leads us to places we never intended? “Talk is cheap,” it is said. Our faith is truly lived when we take the next step on the journey, even if it isn’t a step we anticipated.

Dale Tadlock

Published by Intentional Faith

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