Look Around

It’s not always about you.

I remember talking to a friend about our mutual friend’s struggles. As I began to talk about how I wanted to help and how I was feeling about their situation, my friend spoke those words to me. His words were harsh, but were a wake-up call that I remember to this day. It is easy to let our own thoughts, feelings, and wishes get in the way of what may be best.

Paul suggests a remedy for that — the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is always at work around us. When we begin to be more attuned to what the Holy Spirit is doing in our lives, it becomes more difficult to be distracted by our own thoughts and wishes.

When we wonder about our faith, maybe my friend’s words can guide us. It’s not always about you. What is the Holy Spirit doing around you? Maybe that is the answer.

Dale Tadlock

Published by Intentional Faith

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