Sinking Values

Determine what is worth more and what is worth less than life and you’ll find your core values.
—Jim Williams

The Titanic was called the unsinkable ship, but it sank in the North Atlantic on the night of April 15, 1912. The ship rammed into an iceberg, which carved a three hundred-foot hole out of its hull. It disappeared into the dark waters within two and a half hours, and of the two thousand two hundred passengers on board, only seven hundred five survived.

A story is told of one man aboard the Titanic who, as the ship was sinking, offered another man a fistful of money in exchange for a seat in the life boat. The second man took the money and the first man took his seat. The man with the money never made it back alive.
For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.
—Matthew 6:21

One man valued money more than life, the other man valued life more than money. One man looked at the immediate; the other looked at the long haul.

Prayerfully examine your heart and lift up to God your answers to the following questions: What and who do you live for? What and who would you die for? What is your first thought when you awake and your last thought before you sleep? What are your dreams? What is your treasure in life? The answers to these questions will show you what your values are. Do you like them?

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