You’re Not Hogs

I imagine these 72 running, skipping, and shouting about how the demons submitted to the name of Jesus. Wouldn’t you be elated, too? We have been taught all our lives about evil prevailing the earth. But with one word here, the demons stopped their action. I am no demonologist, but from the hundreds of horror movies I have seen, I know that demons need a vessel to work within. For example, the hogs are the vessel that are possessed in another story. Jesus is reminding the joyful 72, in this story, that they have authority and power to decide not to become a vessel for evil.

It’s important for us to rejoice each time we intentionally choose not to submit to the evil around us. When we decide not to be a vessel for evil, we are bringing the Kingdom of Heaven right here. And that is not only powerful, but worth celebrating.

Timothy Peoples

Published by Intentional Faith

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