For Any Other Reason

Now, let me be clear. Religion is boring. Rituals and meetings for ritual and meeting’s sake is a waste of time unless you like those things. For James, our faith is not about religion at all.

It is about having a vital, vibrant, living, and personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Everything else is imitation.

So how do we get back to being the type of church that the world really needs?

What can we do to reach all generations including the baby boomers who bought into the lie that people, possessions, position, and power bring peace and purpose to life?

The boomers have enjoyed more prosperity than any other generation, but they also lead all other generations in divorce, drug addiction, loneliness, and suicide.

Clearly, our world needs a fresh glimpse of true faith. To provide that, we must become credible again.

Let me repeat: Christianity is not about religion; it is about a relationship with Jesus. If you are here today and do not understand that need to have a personal relationship with Jesus above all, then we have failed you.

We are not like other religions. We do not focus on a person’s quest to find their way to heaven by their good works, penance, almsgiving, and any feeble attempt to make God see us as somehow worthy.

Our faith is not about a man trying to get to God. It is about God coming down to us in the person of Jesus Christ.

Religion has never and will never be able to change our world. It is, too this very day, at the root of much of the world’s wars and conflicts. The hope of our world is not in religion of any kind.

True hope, real hope has always rested in a relationship with Jesus Christ. I want to devote a few weeks to making sure that we understand that. Unless we do, we belong in the dustbin of time.

No one wants to be seen as a liar. Liars are considered untrustworthy. And yet, we are perfectly content to lie to ourselves all the time.

Relatively few people are completely honest with others. In one study, researchers found that 60 percent of people lied at least once during a 10-minute conversation, and many lied multiple times.

We are not here to entertain one another. We are not here to grow ourselves numerically. We are not here to show the world that we are better than they are.

We are here to worship our Lord and Creator and by His grace build a living relationship with Him through the sacrifice of His Son Jesus Christ. If we are here for any other reason, we are lying to ourselves and those around us.

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