Our Security

JOHN 13:2–11

Love is a great idea. I’m inspired by it. In practice, I find it hard.

There are times when I freely (well, almost freely) give to others. I know I am acting from love. These are satisfying times. There are other times when I hold back. I protect myself because I have decided that no one is going to hurt me.

What makes the difference? I’ll never know all that goes on in my heart, but part of it, at least, is how secure I feel. When I feel good about myself and can believe that I am loved, there is an emotional freedom to reach out and give myself away. When I am plagued by self-doubt and fear, I draw back.

At a time when Jesus could have been consumed by his own needs and anxieties about his impending cross, he picked up a towel and took up a basin. At a time when he knew that he was going to die soon, he washed the feet of those who would betray and abandon him. Why? Jesus was secure in his relationship with his Father and in his Father’s purpose for him. He knew that “he had come from God and was returning to God” and that the “Father had put all things under his power.”


Our security in God’s love is enhanced by knowing that he is here for us. Think about each task you must do tomorrow. As you list each one, repeat the phrase “I am here for you.”

Stephen D. Eyre and Jacalyn Eyre

Published by Intentional Faith

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