No Human Thinking

The ungodly act brashly without thinking, whereas the godly give careful thought to their actions, for a great chasm exists between human and divine wisdom. No human scheming will succeed in overturning God’s plan; nothing can prevail against his wisdom and power (v. 30). Warhorses, which drew chariots and gave their armies great military advantage,Continue reading “No Human Thinking”

Back to the Future

An analysis of socioeconomic classes in America focused on the observable differences evident in value systems, behavioral patterns, and customs that exist between the classes. One of the most interesting dimensions of the findings was with respect to the question of how people regard the present in light of the future. People in the upperContinue reading “Back to the Future”

The New Atheism

What is the New Atheism?The early 21st century has seen secularism and atheism promoted throughout the Western world with an ever-increasing vigor and militancy. This has led to the emergence of the “new atheists,” notable members of which include best-selling authors such as Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett, Richard Dawkins, and Christopher Hitchens. The contention ofContinue reading “The New Atheism”

A Little Too Much Relish on That

Jeremiah 4:18–19Lamentations 1:1–16 The best word I can find for it is relish. I’ve met a few religious people who seem to relish the opportunity to speak thunderous words of judgment, which is strange. Others conclude that natural disasters or times of national tragedy are God’s judgment, and are pleased to think so. But surelyContinue reading “A Little Too Much Relish on That”