Pastor Will Go to Jail Rather Than Not Have Church

“I’m open for a jail ministry – bring it on.” These were the fighting words from California pastor John MacArthur, who is happy to risk prison time by keeping his church open. MacArthur, the senior pastor of Grace Community Church in Greater Los Angeles, is putting The First Amendment to the test in the modernContinue reading “Pastor Will Go to Jail Rather Than Not Have Church”

Lost Bibles Are Recovered

An ambitious new digitisation project is set to make the Bible more accessible than ever for hundreds of minority language groups. MissionAssist, Bible Society and Wycliffe Bible Translators are seeking an army of volunteer translators to help with the huge task of bringing these ‘lost’ Bibles into the digital realm. The Bible Digitisation Project aimsContinue reading “Lost Bibles Are Recovered”

Beware the Christian Scholar

It is more than a little ironic, and more than a little disturbing, that some of the most prominent “Christian” scholars in the world are not Christian at all. At least, not by a definition that would require their assent to the doctrines outlined in the historic creeds and confessions. To the contrary, many ofContinue reading “Beware the Christian Scholar”

My Unplanned Sabbatical

A few months ago, the Lord gave me a gift I wasn’t expecting. After a sudden and difficult resignation from my church, I was out of pastoral ministry. For years my wife and I had dreamed about taking a sabbatical, and now we had one. Of course, it was under circumstances much different than we’d hoped, but itContinue reading “My Unplanned Sabbatical”

Can We Know Anything for Sure?

Many today fail to see the importance of grounding their reasoning process in reality in spite of the fact that whatever is not based on reality is un-reality, in other words, unreal. The slippery slope of subjectivism and relativism is the result of such “reasoning” manufactured in the imaginations of the mind rather than inContinue reading “Can We Know Anything for Sure?”

School District Says Parents Do Not Need to Know If They Diagnose Child with Gender Dysphoria

Gender-bending sex-ed curricula used in some public schools, along with corresponding school district policies, don’t meet established standards set forth in law, activists and scholars warned at recent Heritage Foundation panel. As part of the Protecting Children in Education Summit hosted virtually at Heritage on Aug. 12, advocates detailed several efforts parents are undertaking toContinue reading “School District Says Parents Do Not Need to Know If They Diagnose Child with Gender Dysphoria”

A Quarter of Young Adults Have Contemplated Suicide During the Pandemic

As the death toll of COVID-19 in the US hits 170,000 with few signs of slowing, it could be easy to stay focused on the most obvious fallout of the pandemic as U.S. efforts at containment continue to be stymied. But there are other, more subtle consequences to the coronavirus’ American surge, and a majorContinue reading “A Quarter of Young Adults Have Contemplated Suicide During the Pandemic”

Do We Need Extrabiblical Texts to Understand the Bible?

I’m not sure, but it may be that the assumption of this question is that there is some key to answering the question from outside the book of Hebrews in the first-century milieu. I’m not sure, but that’s often the case, so let me just say a word about that assumption. I want to sayContinue reading “Do We Need Extrabiblical Texts to Understand the Bible?”