Would Jesus Wear a Mask Today?

It’s the great theological question of the day. Christian writers are blogging about it. Churches are falling out over it. It has become a more divisive issue than Brexit, BLM, or Baptism! The question is: ‘would Jesus wear a mask?’ In the good old days, churches used to split over issues like wearing hats, speakingContinue reading “Would Jesus Wear a Mask Today?”

China Now Targets Christian Children

Police in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, China again summoned a homeschooling father for questioning, this time on suspicion of “illegal holding of materials promoting terrorism and extremism”. The July 7 detention is the latest in a series of troubles with Chinese authorities for Zhao Weikai, a 35-year-old Christian from Taiyuan Xuncheng Reformed Church whose refusal toContinue reading “China Now Targets Christian Children”

One View of the Cuban Crisis

As the Cuban crisis unfolds, we are seeing an unprecedented number of protesters. Some of these dissidents could lose their lives for their bravery. A friend of mine from church is from Cuba. Carlos was a political prisoner for 18 months in his home country. His crime? Trying to escape Cuba. Eventually he did getContinue reading “One View of the Cuban Crisis”

Daddy, Why Does the Bible Talk About Killing Children?

I recently felt heartbreak when my daughter, shortly after receiving her first Bible, stumbled onto Deuteronomy 20, which commands Israelites to kill all that breathes in Canaan (vv. 16–18). I’m a pacifist, and that chapter is probably the last one I would want her to read. It happened to be one of her first. “Dad,Continue reading “Daddy, Why Does the Bible Talk About Killing Children?”

900,000 Uyghur Children: The Saddest Victims of Genocide

Undoubtedly, Uyghur children have suffered more than anyone during the ongoing Uyghur Genocide being committed by the Chinese Communist Party. In 2014, Beijing began to build concentration camps, imprisoning millions of East Turkestan (Ch., Xinjiang) residents beginning in 2017. Children forcibly taken from their families were either sent to Chinese orphanages, forced to live with HanContinue reading “900,000 Uyghur Children: The Saddest Victims of Genocide”

Supreme Court Rules on Christian Foster Care

The United States Supreme Court ruled decisively in favor of a Catholic foster care agency on Thursday, with all nine justices agreeing that the city of Philadelphia violated the First Amendment’s protection of religious liberty when it ended a contract with Catholic Social Services (CSS) over service to LGBT people. “It is plain that theContinue reading “Supreme Court Rules on Christian Foster Care”