Who Do You Think You Are?

In a crowded seminary class, the guy beside me started questioning the professor about his encouragement to preach through books of the Bible. The professor, ever the southern gentleman, responded with grace and patience. But the third time the student pressed, the professor sprung off his stool and told the student directly, “Who are youContinue reading “Who Do You Think You Are?”

We Need Bad Teachers

I was reading a newspaper report in which former Borrusia Dortmund strike Robert Lewandowski opened up on his relationship with Jurgen Klopp. He claimed Klopp was a ‘bad teacher’. Specifically: Jurgen was not only a father figure to me. As a coach, he was like the ‘bad’ teacher. And I mean that in the bestContinue reading “We Need Bad Teachers”

A New Perspective on COVID

Marie Durand was from a well-known Huguenot (Calvinist) family, at a time in French history when it was illegal to be an evangelical. At the age of fifteen, because of her whole family’s Gospel activities, she was imprisoned for her faith in Jesus. She spent the next thirty-eight years in lockdown. The authorities were particularlyContinue reading “A New Perspective on COVID”

Don’t Forget About the Fence

There was once a community that experienced a great deal of growth. Many families with young children moved to the area and city planners saw the need for a place where parents could bring their kids and connect with one another. Plans were made for a playground to be built, but the only area bigContinue reading “Don’t Forget About the Fence”

Social Justice Is Not Biblical Justice

Do you remember the Emerging Church? Steeped in postmodernism and marked by more than a little progressivism, it rose to prominence in the early naughts and seemed as if it would present a formidable challenge to orthodox Christianity in the new millennium. Many viewed it as a severe threat to the gospel of Jesus Christ.Continue reading “Social Justice Is Not Biblical Justice”

Abortion’s Handwriting on the Wall

Forty-eight years ago, the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision overturned legal restrictions on and prohibitions of abortion in all fifty states. It simultaneously laid the groundwork for what has become a multibillion-dollar global abortion industry. Today though, the industry is in trouble. Big trouble. Of course, that fact is hardly apparent to the casualContinue reading “Abortion’s Handwriting on the Wall”