It’s Time to Put the Health of Our Children First

I am proud to be a teacher. I’ve worked in the Canadian public school system for the past 15 years, mostly at the high school level, teaching morals and ethics. I don’t claim to be a doctor or an expert in virology. There is a lot I don’t know. But I spend my days withContinue reading “It’s Time to Put the Health of Our Children First”

We Are Not Apart from His Plan

As I sat atop my lofted dorm-room bed and turned the page from Romans 8 to Romans 9 in my small, tattered Bible, I went from a chapter familiar enough to be easily skimmed to a chapter that I had no recollection of ever reading before. Both chapters emphasized the sovereignty of God — hisContinue reading “We Are Not Apart from His Plan”

Struggling with God. You Will Struggle with Yourself.

In the first chapter of the book of James in the Bible, Jesus’ brother warns against approaching God with unsteady faith because of the instability that comes with being “double minded.” Now, a new study suggests that people who are uncertain about their relationship with God are more likely to experience mental distress than other believers.Continue reading “Struggling with God. You Will Struggle with Yourself.”

Just In Case You Thought It Was Bad Over Here

Melbourne was once called the world’s most livable city. Now it is more properly known as the most lamentable city – or the most laughable. No other place on the planet has experienced such harsh, irrational and despotic lockdowns and tyranny. But sadly it is now serving as a model for other power-hungry state leaders.Continue reading “Just In Case You Thought It Was Bad Over Here”

They Want Your Children

Incensed parents now make news almost daily, objecting to radical material taught in their children’s public schools. But little insight has been provided into the mindset and tactics of activist teachers themselves. That may now be changing, thanks to leaked audio from a meeting of California’s largest teacher’s union. Last month, the California Teachers AssociationContinue reading “They Want Your Children”

When Did We Stop Asking Questions?

(It’s a bit long but well worth the read in this cancel culture) Do you remember the cartoons that showed a Christian with a placard standing on a street corner warning ‘The end is nigh’? It was normal to make fun of Christian evangelists doing street preaching and making eschatological warnings. However mocked they were,Continue reading “When Did We Stop Asking Questions?”

It Is Found in the Smallest Parts of Your Life

The doctrines of the word of God were not intended just to lay claim on your brain, but also to capture your heart and transform the way you live. Those doctrines are meant to turn you inside out and your world upside down. Biblical doctrine is much more than an outline you give confessional assentContinue reading “It Is Found in the Smallest Parts of Your Life”

Supreme Court Considers Death Penalty Prayer

If you give a man in a Texas execution chamber the right to a prayer, is he entitled to two? Or three? Can he ask for candles? Or Communion? If the United States Supreme Court says a condemned man has the religious right to have his pastor touch his foot while the state injects aContinue reading “Supreme Court Considers Death Penalty Prayer”

The Church Has Something to Say About Climate Change

According to the Prime Minister Boris Johnson, it’s “one minute to midnight” for humanity. According to Prince Charles and numerous other leaders, this is our last and best chance to save humanity. And according to a breathless commentator today, “it’s no exaggeration to say the COP26 (climate change conference) may be the most important summitContinue reading “The Church Has Something to Say About Climate Change”