It’s Not as Bad as You Think

In ten years, you won’t remember what’s bothering you today. I’ve been a pastor for just about twenty years. During this time, I can’t remember a season without some level of discouragement. Some days were boiling, others just simmering, but there’s always been a pot of adversity on the stove. Advertise on TGC Do youContinue reading “It’s Not as Bad as You Think”

Should I Become an Activist?

The two great heresies that have plagued the church on the issue of sanctification for centuries are the heresies of activism and quietism. The twin distortions are guilty of eliminating one or the other pole of the paradox. In activism, God’s working is swallowed up by human self-righteousness. In quietism, the human struggle is swallowedContinue reading “Should I Become an Activist?”

It’s More than Algorithms that Are Dividing Us

More and more, pastors and church leaders acknowledge problems related to social media. Whether it’s division and disunity in the local congregation (due to church members duking it out online), or suspicion and distrust of Christian leaders, writers, and organizations (due to spurious claims, quotes out of context, or false accusations), the conclusion is theContinue reading “It’s More than Algorithms that Are Dividing Us”