Getting the Record Straight

The Bible records the covenantal narrative about God’s creation of all things, humanity’s fall into sin, redemption through the covenant of grace and its various administrations, and the consummation of all things in eschatological glory. God Himself is the master narrator as the One who declares the end from the beginning (Isa. 46:10) and whoContinue reading “Getting the Record Straight”

What Isaiah 50:10 Means to You

Isaiah 50:10 holds relevance and offers profound meaning for individuals today. Despite being written in a specific historical context, the underlying principles conveyed in the verse can be applied to people facing various challenges and uncertainties in their lives. Here are some ways in which this text holds meaning for individuals today: In summary, IsaiahContinue reading “What Isaiah 50:10 Means to You”

The Background for Today’s Text

The background for the text of Mark 16:15-20 is set within the context of Jesus’ post-resurrection appearances and His final instructions to His disciples before His ascension. The events described in this passage take place after Jesus’ crucifixion, burial, and resurrection. Mark’s Gospel is traditionally attributed to John Mark, a companion of the apostle Peter.Continue reading “The Background for Today’s Text”

What Is the Exegetical Meaning of Today’s Text?

I must clarify that the ending of the Gospel of Mark, specifically Mark 16:9-20, is a subject of scholarly debate due to textual variations regarding its originality. The earliest and most reliable manuscripts of Mark do not include verses 9-20, and some versions end at verse 8. That said, let’s consider an overview of theContinue reading “What Is the Exegetical Meaning of Today’s Text?”

Lessons From Today’s Text

2 Corinthians 4:8-12 and its surrounding paragraph offer several valuable lessons for believers: In summary, the lessons from this text and its surrounding paragraph include relying on God’s strength, trusting in His faithfulness, embracing the transformative power of suffering, living selflessly and sacrificially, recognizing the impact of believers’ lives on others, and ultimately seeking toContinue reading “Lessons From Today’s Text”

Background for Today’s Text

The text from 2 Corinthians 4:8-12 was written by the apostle Paul to the Corinthian church. In this letter, Paul addresses various challenges and conflicts that the Corinthian believers were facing, including opposition from false teachers and persecution for their faith. He shares his own experiences of hardship and suffering as a servant of Christ,Continue reading “Background for Today’s Text”

Misconceptions Revealed

Frankly, I’m really happy that my book is viewed as being mainly proactive and positive rather than critical. But of course, even that positive view can be overstated. If we never focus on what’s wrong and show how harmful it is, we won’t really be biblical, because the biblical witness itself describes errors and theirContinue reading “Misconceptions Revealed”