Before You Knew How

Jesus, revealing himself, calls his servants to him. Nathanael’s response to that call is particularly poignant for people in our age of isolation who are seeking identity: “How do you know me?” The Fathers’ opinion of Nathanael as a learned man, versed in the Scriptures, cuts an even more striking parallel to modern people. NathanaelContinue reading “Before You Knew How”

Why Are You So Grumpy?

Grumpiness characterizes some personality types more than it does others. Some people are born with sunny dispositions and always see the glass half full. Others seem to be grumpy from birth, seeing every glass nearly empty—and who drank it anyway? Unfortunately, even after some grumpy people become Christians, they bring their grumpiness with them. SinceContinue reading “Why Are You So Grumpy?”

Should I Get Vaccinated?

With the onslaught of the Covid-19 pandemic and the journey to find a cure, the question of vaccines has again risen to the forefront. In regards to the pandemic many people see the vaccine as a viable solution to help move forward towards ending the pandemic and bringing things back to “normal”. However, everyone doesContinue reading “Should I Get Vaccinated?”

We Need Better Losers

Nobody likes to lose. But Americans will need to get better at losing if we want to maintain our system of government in the years ahead. And Christians of all people should model losing well, based in our commitment to Christ’s victory through the cross and what we are told in Scripture about our natureContinue reading “We Need Better Losers”

If Only We Could Do This with Our Phones

Shortly after he opened his first plant, Thomas Edison noticed that his employees were in the habit of watching the lone factory clock. To the inventor who was an indefatigable worker, this was incomprehensible. He did not indicate his disapproval verbally. Instead he had dozens of clocks placed around the plant, no two keeping theContinue reading “If Only We Could Do This with Our Phones”

If I Hear Another %#@&* Word

I think a lot about cursing. I suspect we all do. Even if we refrain from it, cursing is all around us. Elected officials—both Republican and Democrat—have made recent headlines for swearing on the job and in the public eye. President Trump frequently used colorful language at his rallies, including, reportedly, an obscenity to describeContinue reading “If I Hear Another %#@&* Word”