Laying Up Words

You’ll never guess where I began learning the scores—hundreds, really—of Bible verses that have filled my mind for about a half century. It was at Eastside Elementary School in Elizabethton, Tennessee. This small redbrick schoolhouse was two blocks from my house, and I spent six happy years of my life there. Thankfully the prohibition againstContinue reading “Laying Up Words”

Why Do You Ask My Name?

“Why do you ask My name,”the Angel of the LORD asked him,“since it is wonderful?”Judges 13:18 Throughout the annals of history, God presented Himself to His chosen people in many ways and by many titles. Among them were descriptive characteristics like “wonderful” and “marvelous.” I throw around such words fairly frequently, but I love knowingContinue reading “Why Do You Ask My Name?”

Should I Date Nonbelievers?

Of all the Christians who start dating a nonbeliever, how many of them planned to do so? I suspect few Christians set out to intentionally date (much less marry) a nonbeliever. The question really isn’t all that controversial in theory. Would anyone who genuinely loves Jesus sincerely prefer to marry someone who doesn’t? No, butContinue reading “Should I Date Nonbelievers?”

Facebook to Hide Your Faith

Facebook has announced that next month it will remove the ability for users to select their religious views, political views, and addresses and the “Interested in” field. From December 1, Meta, the parent company of Facebook, will make the changes in a bid to no doubt clean up their network, but will mean that usersContinue reading “Facebook to Hide Your Faith”

Are We Just One Truth Among Many?

It is tempting in our melting-pot societies to think that living alongside people of different faiths is a purely modern phenomenon. But people of different religious beliefs have been coexisting for millennia, sometimes in conflict and sometimes in peace. One way in which religious difference was negotiated was through polytheism. This allowed different tribes toContinue reading “Are We Just One Truth Among Many?”