Why Do You Treat Your Body Like That?

One of the great things the Bible says—and we sometimes overlook this—is that we will be raised physically. Jesus’s resurrection body wasn’t just kind of a stunt to show that God was satisfied with his death. Jesus’s resurrection body is the foretaste of what is going to happen to all of us. We will allContinue reading “Why Do You Treat Your Body Like That?”

Why Is God Concerned About My Sex Life?

Likely for all of biblical and Christian history, people have disagreed with and/or disobeyed the Bible’s restrictions on sex. Essentially people are asking, “Why does it matter? Why is sex such a big deal? Doesn’t God have more important things with which to concern Himself than my sex life?” Some people also complain that ChristiansContinue reading “Why Is God Concerned About My Sex Life?”

We Live in the Seconds

For nearly ten years now I have kept a prayer journal. My prayers are not organized like some people’s. Rather, my prayers are very disorganized. Only the dates at the top right corner of each page give me any context to previous prayers. It is in large part due to my general disorganization that IContinue reading “We Live in the Seconds”

He Called Me a What?

Jesus calls on us to be peacemakers. Now that is a tall order. Fortunate (aka Blessed) are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.” ~Jesus Source: Matthew 5:9 (NASB) The sequence of thought from purity of heart in the previous prescription for happiness (aka beatitude), to peacemaking seems very natural. One ofContinue reading “He Called Me a What?”

Your Battle Isn’t With Porn

In the final days of his life, John Wesley, a minister in the Church of England, wrote a letter to a young politician named William Wilberforce. Wesley had urged him to use his political clout for opposing the slave trade in the British Empire. Wilberforce did. He made that fight his life mission. He wasContinue reading “Your Battle Isn’t With Porn”

Euthanasia Takes a Dark Toll

Euthanasia causes deep distress to the doctors who perform it, according to a new book about the experiences of medical practitioners in Belgium where assisted suicide has been legal since 2002. The revelations come as a new assisted suicide bill is due to get a second reading in the House of Lords this autumn. Baroness Meacher’s privateContinue reading “Euthanasia Takes a Dark Toll”

Covid Passports

Nicola Sturgeon has announced that Covid vaccine passports will be introduced in Scotland at the end of this month if, as seems likely, the Scottish government backs her plans. The plan is for certain ‘non-essential settings’ including nightclubs, adult entertainment venues, unseated indoor live events with more than 400 people, unseated outdoor live events withContinue reading “Covid Passports”

When We Have Only Words

Matthew’s Gospel speaks about integrity intwo ways. To begin with, there is the debate around authoritybetween Jesus and the religious leaders. This confrontationhappened just after Jesus had thrown the money changers andanimal sellers out of the Temple. The leaders wanted to knowwhether Jesus really had a valid right to do what he did, so theyquestionedContinue reading “When We Have Only Words”

I Despised Her to My Shame

She was an older single lady missionary. There were two families at the church’s missions conference, one on deputation going to serve in Uruguay (South America), and my family on home assignment from Cambodia (Southeast Asia). The family going to Uruguay was going to train people for ministry and help churches there become indigenous. MyContinue reading “I Despised Her to My Shame”

When You Talk About It More Than You Pray About It

Last week I was just minding my own business, looking for a new recipe on Pinterest. But as I was scrolling through all the images, I came across something that convicted me. Don’t you hate when that happens? It was all good until I read this quote: Have you prayed about it as much asContinue reading “When You Talk About It More Than You Pray About It”