The Sexual Revolution Has Failed

Louise Perry has written a feminist critique of the sexual revolution, and it’s brave, excoriating, and magnificent. (9 minute read) The Case Against the Sexual Revolution isn’t a Christian book. Perry’s critique is rooted in evolutionary biology, feminist passion, and empirical observation, not biblical interpretation or theology. (We could of course argue that feminist passionContinue reading “The Sexual Revolution Has Failed”

Reading This Is Worth Your Time

Did time exist before the creation of the world? Many Christians believe that time was created along with the physical universe, and that there was no time “before” creation. Is this feasible?First, let’s consider the nature of time. What is “time”? Time is closely associated with change. We measure the passage of time by observing change, perhaps physically by meansContinue reading “Reading This Is Worth Your Time”

The Queen of Sciences

In Europe during the High Middle Ages, schools of higher learning utilized the trivium (grammar, logic, and rhetoric) and quadrivium (arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy) of classical liberal arts. It was in this environment that theology was named “queen of the sciences.” Theology as Science When we think of “science,” we usually think of theContinue reading “The Queen of Sciences”