You’re a Piece of Work

The apostle Paul opened his letter to the believers in Philippi by explaining that he often thanked God for them in joyful prayer because of their partnership in sharing the gospel. Paul held a special affection for the Philippian church, which he had founded approximately ten years earlier. Now he expressed confidence in God’s continued workContinue reading “You’re a Piece of Work”

A Christian Concern Over Age of the Earth

The creation period described in the Book of Genesis is of great interest to many Christians. As a result, much discussion occurs within Christianity related to the nature of the creation account and the length of time over which God acted to create our world. Many Christians in America hold to a creation period whereinContinue reading “A Christian Concern Over Age of the Earth”

It Is a Waste of Time to Speak to a Troll

Beloved Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling is no longer loved. In recent tweets, she expressed her view that men who identify as women are, in fact, men. Though this view is consistent with what virtually every person throughout all of human history has believed, she was branded transphobic. Checkmate, Rowling! In case you didn’t know,Continue reading “It Is a Waste of Time to Speak to a Troll”

Beauty Demands to Be Noticed

Most of the reflection and writing on the subject of beauty remains cornered by trained specialists in theology and philosophy, in the specialized field of aesthetics. Even among those philosophers, it is often suggested that beauty is a category we ought to discard altogether. Yet beauty demands to be noticed. As followers of Christ, weContinue reading “Beauty Demands to Be Noticed”

Abolish the Police! Are Your Serious?

What will the aftermath be after disbanding or abolishing the police in our country? What will be the collateral damage? You see, my friend, when we fail to realize the actual problem and aggressively, without lawful consent, use extreme and illegitimate methods to correct what we think is the problem, all we are really breedingContinue reading “Abolish the Police! Are Your Serious?”