Blurring One’s Gender

Perhaps more than ever before, people are asking the question “What does it mean to be a man (or to be a woman)?” While many in society are unwilling to give a straightforward answer, some of us within conservative Christian circles jump to oversimplified definitions. I’ve heard it a thousand times in a variety ofContinue reading “Blurring One’s Gender”

Did Man’s Fall Affect the Animals?

God put everything under Adam’s dominion and stewardship. Genesis 3 tells us God cursed the whole earth as a result of Adam’s sin. That Curse had an ongoing dramatic effect on both humankind and animals, as part of creation. Human beings and the earth are inseparably linked; there is a metaphysical and moral link betweenContinue reading “Did Man’s Fall Affect the Animals?”

Offspring of a Serpent

The past 30 years have provided something of a renaissance in the interpretation of Genesis 3:15, with many evangelical scholars providing sound exegetical and theological argumentation that this verse explicitly anticipates a future individual offspring of the woman. However, many scholars still strongly affirm the collective understanding of the seed of the woman. Another viewContinue reading “Offspring of a Serpent”

We’re Still Working on the First Half…

God gave the first man and woman a cultural mandate to “be fruitful and multiply” (Gen. 1:28). God’s equal but different image bearers had a monumental mission to fill the world with other image bearers who would reflect the glory of the Creator; instead, they listened to the destroyer. But God did not destroy them.Continue reading “We’re Still Working on the First Half…”