Abolish the Police! Are Your Serious?

What will the aftermath be after disbanding or abolishing the police in our country? What will be the collateral damage? You see, my friend, when we fail to realize the actual problem and aggressively, without lawful consent, use extreme and illegitimate methods to correct what we think is the problem, all we are really breedingContinue reading “Abolish the Police! Are Your Serious?”

Medical Experts Challenge Transgender Education in Classroom

Professor David Galloway, former President of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow, and Dr Peter Saunders, CEO of the International Christian Medical and Dental Association, are among the experts to appear on a new DVD for schools challenging transgenderism. The “Truth in Science” video is being sent to every school in theContinue reading “Medical Experts Challenge Transgender Education in Classroom”

So We Just Wait

It is difficult to overstate the importance of the discovery of the Big Bang. After all, even without sophisticated philosophical arguments, most people intuitively recognize that all things that come into existence must have some preceding cause sufficient to the task. But when science, or more specifically physics, supports the Christian worldview by affirming the need forContinue reading “So We Just Wait”

No Chance for the Universe

How likely is it that our universe is the result of random physical operations? Scientists point out that shaping the universe into its present form required a very precise balance of many finely-tuned physical constants such as these: Gravitational attraction—This had to be in perfect balance with the rate of expansion to enable structures toContinue reading “No Chance for the Universe”