If You Can’t Change Culture, for Heaven’s Sake, Don’t Let It Change You

One winter in Calgary, Alberta, a few years back, J. Warner Wallace and I each offered impromptu vignettes at a breakfast for a dozen pastors who were skeptical about the importance of apologetics. It’s amazing to me that pastors need a tutorial on the need for defending Christianity given the obvious biblical and practical pointsContinue reading “If You Can’t Change Culture, for Heaven’s Sake, Don’t Let It Change You”

Common Sense Has Left the Building

A California professor has issued a grovelling apology to his students for telling them that only women can get pregnant. The professor on an endocrinology course used the term “pregnant women” during his lecture, but then quickly backtracked and apologised. In a recording of the lecture, he can be heard saying, “I’m very sorry forContinue reading “Common Sense Has Left the Building”

Americans Agree With Pastors on Gender Identity—Barely

A slim majority of U.S. adults say changing genders, identifying as a gender different than one’s biological sex, is morally wrong. According to the latest survey from Gallup on morality, 51% of Americans say it is immoral to change genders, while 46% say it is morally acceptable. The study also found significant demographic divides. MenContinue reading “Americans Agree With Pastors on Gender Identity—Barely”

The Cultural Revolution We Are Living Through

The cultural revolution we’re living through is destabilizing and unnerving for everyone. For Christians, the temptation is to fiddle with our orthodoxy or orthopraxy so as to “meet the moment.” This looks like Christians on the left relativizing dogma in the name of “love,” or Christians on the right using rude language as they #OwnTheLibsContinue reading “The Cultural Revolution We Are Living Through”

We’re Taking Back the Rainbow

Men and women who once lived and identified as part of the LGBT community are confident that a “rainbow revival” is at hand. Gathered under the blazing sun with temperatures in the mid-90s at the Sylvan Theater in the shadow of the Washington Monument, approximately 200 attended the Freedom March, an event for formerly LGBT-identifyingContinue reading “We’re Taking Back the Rainbow”

Can Assisted Suicide Be a License to Kill?

Campaigners for a change of the law on assisted suicide are failing to provide answers to complex issues like protecting the terminally ill and disabled people from pressure to end their lives early, the Christian Medical Fellowship (CMF) has said. MPs are pushing again for the legalisation of assisted suicide with the introduction of freshContinue reading “Can Assisted Suicide Be a License to Kill?”

I Would Prefer Not to Talk About This

It was about 20 years ago that a conservative commentator stated that, because the homosexual movement could not grow by reproduction, it had to grow by seduction. Understandably, this incurred the ire of gay activists, as if their main agenda was the sexual seduction of others, including children. What this conservative commentator should had saidContinue reading “I Would Prefer Not to Talk About This”