Faith in a Hostile World

In its practice of religious pluralism, the Western world tends to remain quiet about religion. Rarely will you hear the public media discuss Buddhism, Hinduism, Scientology, Mormonism, or Jehovah’s Witnesses. When you do, the media uses muted tones and carefully crafted statements to avoid offending followers of those religions. However, when it comes to Christianity,Continue reading “Faith in a Hostile World”

The Story Behind Eight Years of Court Battles Over Holding to Your Faith

It’s been an eight-year court battle, but finally, Christian florist Barronelle Stutzman, from Washington State, has agreed to pay $5,000 as part of a settlement. The case, managed by Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF Legal), means the 77 year-old owner of Arlene’s Flowers, will finally see her legal journey conclude. After roughly eight years of standing forContinue reading “The Story Behind Eight Years of Court Battles Over Holding to Your Faith”

They Want Your Children

Incensed parents now make news almost daily, objecting to radical material taught in their children’s public schools. But little insight has been provided into the mindset and tactics of activist teachers themselves. That may now be changing, thanks to leaked audio from a meeting of California’s largest teacher’s union. Last month, the California Teachers AssociationContinue reading “They Want Your Children”

Everyday Cancel Culture

Last month, the CEO of video game maker Tripwire Interactive was made to step down from his job just 53 hours after he tweeted support for the new Texas abortion law (which banned abortion after the baby’s heartbeat can be detected). Here’s the offensive tweet that apparently warranted the loss of his job: “Proud of #USSupremeCourt affirmingContinue reading “Everyday Cancel Culture”

The Algorithms Are Designed to Commander You

When I’m waiting in line to order my drink at a coffee shop, my automatic instinct is to grab for my phone. Not to do anything necessary, of course; just to scroll aimlessly for the minute or two before it’s my turn to order. Maybe I can catch a few tweets, headlines, or Instagram stories.Continue reading “The Algorithms Are Designed to Commander You”

Climate Change Over the Disabled

Are those campaigning on climate change talking to or including those with disabilities? No, they’re not. Why? Because we’re rather inconvenient, and we don’t fit the narrative. Here is just one example from the BBC, an article about an Israeli delegate who uses a wheelchair and who has been unable to access COP26. Sadly, this comesContinue reading “Climate Change Over the Disabled”

A Glimmer of Light in a Culture of Cancel

Evangelical med students and pro-life physicians across Canada celebrated with Rafael Zaki when the Coptic Christian won a Manitoba court appeal that quashed his university’s decision to expel him over Facebook posts. But that doesn’t mean they’re ready to start broadcasting their own personal beliefs about abortion, euthanasia, or the value of human life onContinue reading “A Glimmer of Light in a Culture of Cancel”