The New Worldview

While the World Health Organization has declared that COVID-19 is no longer a “public health emergency,” America’s embrace of syncretism — the fusion of different religions — and the growing rejection of a biblical worldview remains a threat to general quality of life in a post-pandemic world, especially for children, new research from the CulturalContinue reading “The New Worldview”

When Your Employer Wants You to Use Pronouns

In the past, we’ve talked about why a request for pronouns is not a neutral request. It reflects a false and damaging worldview—one that’s contrary to Christianity—and we’ve encouraged Christians to decline to engage in exchanges of pronouns for this reason. But of course, it’s easy to give that advice. It’s much more challenging toContinue reading “When Your Employer Wants You to Use Pronouns”

Yes, We Are Counter-Cultural

Since the inception of the church during the Apostolic age, various competing versions of “Christianity” have led many people understandably to ask, “What does a genuine Christian look like?” Two thousand years of theological reflection and biblical exegesis has not eliminated controversy within the church over this probing query: what makes someone’s profession of faithContinue reading “Yes, We Are Counter-Cultural”