Christianity Is Beautifully Strange

“We can’t go on together,” sang Elvis in 1969, “with suspicious minds.” It’s a song that laments the breakdown of trust, resulting in the corrosion of a romantic relationship. More than 50 years on, these words could apply to the American experiment, with increasing levels of distrust toward government officials, media and news outlets, andContinue reading “Christianity Is Beautifully Strange”

Wealth Scares Me

He did what was right in the eyes of the Lord. —2 CHRONICLES 20:32 A successful Christian businessman shared his story at church. Candid about his struggles with faith and abundant wealth, he declared, “Wealth scares me!”“But,” the businessman stated, “I’ve learned a lesson from Solomon’s verdict on the abundance of wealth. It’s all ‘meaningless’Continue reading “Wealth Scares Me”