It Wasn’t Yours Anyway

Our giving can feel empty sometimes, can’t it? Perhaps it’s because we have been wounded by frenzied sermons on giving or the pulsing belief that if we’re not giving everything, we’re disobeying the demand of a greedy God. Giving can feel like a form of karma; we cross our fingers and hope as we giveContinue reading “It Wasn’t Yours Anyway”

Sore in Heart

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.(Matt. 5:8) The Greek word often translated “blessed” and used repeatedly in the string of beatitudes, literally means happy. Happy are the pure in heart. But so often, when we think pure, we think prudish, stuffy, or pristine. At worst, we think holier-than-thou and inaccessible;Continue reading “Sore in Heart”

A Life Well Lived

Toward the close of his life, the apostle Paul penned his “pastoral epistles”—letters to his protégés Timothy and Titus. He wrote the letters late in life, knowing he was awaiting the martyr’s crown. In a sense, that means these letters are Paul’s dying words. He knows his time is limited. What should his protégés inContinue reading “A Life Well Lived”

Our Fatal Mistake

The Christian faith is facing a credibility crisis, too. In our attempt to be contemporary and socially acceptable to reach more people, we have too often forgotten that our credibility matters most. Our churches began in an attempt to restore the church to the principles and patterns of the original church. While we saw remarkableContinue reading “Our Fatal Mistake”


Credibility: the quality of being trusted and believed in or at least, the quality of being convincing or believable. How would you rate the credibility of the major news outlets? Can they be trusted? The issue we have with news outlets today is transparency. That means that good news sources clearly mark opinion columns asContinue reading “Credibility”

Why Are You So Restless?

Saint Augustine was right to call human hearts restless. That’s a sad word. Restless people are constantly active, unable to find peace as a result of anxiety or boredom. Restless people roam, desire, and covet, but do not arrive, achieve, or obtain (James 4:2). The fourth commandment can cure restlessness. It offers to focus ourContinue reading “Why Are You So Restless?”