The Spiritual Discipline of Meditation

It didn’t take long, after Jesus’ proclamation of his mission in the Synagogue at Nazareth, for him to begin doing what he had said he would. Jesus knew that he had come to liberate people from everything that oppresses them, and so he set about setting people free. Just before, we see Jesus casting outContinue reading “The Spiritual Discipline of Meditation”

The Spiritual Discipline of the Good Word

The apostle Paul addresses the controversial and mysterious gift of speaking in unknown languages (or “tongues” as it is sometimes known). With this gift, states Paul, an interpretation is necessary, because without it, no one understands what is being said, and so the church cannot benefit. In contrast, the gift of prophecy, which brings God’sContinue reading “The Spiritual Discipline of the Good Word”

The Spiritual Discipline of Praise

It’s common to hear people say and sing that, “Jesus died to save me from my sins”. In this view sin leads to eternal death in hell, and so salvation means being rescued from this punishment and given a place in heaven – or God’s Kingdom – after death. While there is definitely some truthContinue reading “The Spiritual Discipline of Praise”

Your Spiritual Discipline

After Jerusalem was conquered by Babylon, it was mostly the wealthy and important people who were carried away into exile. Many of the poor and unimportant people were left behind to make whatever life they could from the ruins of their nation. When the exiles returned, they faced the difficult task of trying to rebuildContinue reading “Your Spiritual Discipline”

Your Spiritual Discipline

No one was prepared in the synagogue in Nazareth where Jesus read a portion of Isaiah’s prophecy and then claimed that prophecy for himself. Today, we can read the words from the prophet himself. These words were most likely written to the exiles who had returned from Babylon and were trying to rebuild their brokenContinue reading “Your Spiritual Discipline”

Supporting those believers who seek to serve God beyond traditional church attendance.

Acts 2:42 “And they were persevering in the doctrine of the apostles, and in the communication of the breaking of bread, and in prayers.” You are reading this for a reason. First, you believe in the Lordship of Jesus the Christ but may seek to live that life outside the walls of traditional church orContinue reading “Supporting those believers who seek to serve God beyond traditional church attendance.”

Your Spiritual Discipline

It can be comforting to see that the earliest Christian communities struggled with divisions and conflicts. In spite of their experience of God’s grace and strength, and in spite of the spiritual gifts they had received, they fell into competing factions, with groups of people forming around different church leaders. But Paul was not willingContinue reading “Your Spiritual Discipline”

Your Spiritual Discipline

If we allow our view of love to be too strongly influenced by what we see on our television screens, we will probably come to the conclusion that love is nothing more than a rather untrustworthy feeling over which we have no control. We may long for the butterflies in our tummies, the breathless excitement,Continue reading “Your Spiritual Discipline”

Your Spiritual Discipline

The miracle of turning water to wine is well known. It has probably been preached and written about from every possible perspective. But it remains a significant moment in the ministry of Jesus, and an important window into understanding the character and mission of God. Throughout the Scriptures God’s relationship with God’s people is describedContinue reading “Your Spiritual Discipline”