Are You a Nicodemus?

I just realized in my 41st year of life, in my 21st year of intentionally following Jesus, and in my 11th year as a lead pastor of a church that…I am Nicodemus. And I’m not alone. Here’s the familiar story: Now there was a Pharisee, a man named Nicodemus who was a member of theContinue reading “Are You a Nicodemus?”

Abused – Addicted – Free

Trudy Makepeace was a mess until she met Jesus, having experienced a painful childhood under the shadow of abuse, only to grow up and spend years as an adult trapped in a destructive cycle of drug abuse, prostitution, homelessness and prison. But the evangelist and outreach worker says that God has now turned her messContinue reading “Abused – Addicted – Free”

We Say We Pray for Our Leaders

I attended a local city council meeting for the first time in July. Our city council was considering a controversial decision, and I sat for hours as concerned citizens on both sides of the issue voiced their opinions. During the meeting, some of my fellow citizens raised their voices. Others talked about those they disagreedContinue reading “We Say We Pray for Our Leaders”

Men. You Need to Confess.

I don’t like the word accountability. I don’t like the category of accountability. At times, it opens the door for men to be pressured, cornered, and coerced into admitting what they really don’t want to admit. But I would rather speak in terms of transparency because that’s mutual. We share transparency. It’s biblical—when I’m withContinue reading “Men. You Need to Confess.”

A Little Bit Further Along

No church can survive solely upon the labors of its pastors. No church can thrive when the expectation is that all ministry must be formal and must originate from the front of the room. No church can remain healthy when it falls to the elders to give and the members to consume. Rather, the workContinue reading “A Little Bit Further Along”