The Source of Your Unrest

Have you noticed that most of your unrest comes from yourself? We get stuck ruminating on the things we can’t change or control. Unforgiveness stops us from moving toward healing in our relationships. Pervasive negativity prevents us from enjoying the moment. Exhaustion keeps us functioning as only a shadow version of ourselves. Excuses keep usContinue reading “The Source of Your Unrest”


One mistake that we can make in thinking about humility is seeing it as self-hatred, as though to be humble means you’re constantly attacking yourself or you’re denying your own worth. The commandment is love your neighbor as yourself, not love your neighbor instead of yourself. And so we want to call people toward recognizingContinue reading “Self-Forgetfulness”

How Quickly They Disobey

Our children can sometimes astonish us with how quickly and repeatedly they disobey. Shouldn’t they just naturally know better? We look at them and think, What’s the matter with you? Well . . . sin, of course, is the matter with all of us. Including children. Even the most adorable little tyke is a naturalbornContinue reading “How Quickly They Disobey”

Here’s to Privilege: Ouch!

Paul wrote Romans from the house of his friend Gaius during a stay in Corinth. Neither Paul nor the Christians in Rome knew how soon they would need the comfort of Romans 8. Opinion varies, but many scholars estimate that Romans was written in AD 57-58. Within a decade, many of the Roman Christians toContinue reading “Here’s to Privilege: Ouch!”

Sanctification of Disappointment

I hate disappointment. When plans get cancelled, expectations are not met, or I simply can’t have my own way, I tend toward brooding. Last year I experienced a couple of sharp disappointments—denials of things I prayed fervently for. Good things. Things I thought were for God’s kingdom. But though I prayed and pursued, in theContinue reading “Sanctification of Disappointment”