Combat Vets More Engaged in Scripture

While a majority of military service members identify as Christian, the demands of active duty—frequent moves, long hours, and overseas tours of duty—can strain faith and family. Ministries have long targeted evangelistic efforts at men and women in uniform in hopes of providing spiritual support, particularly as mental health issues, post-traumatic stress disorder, and suicidesContinue reading “Combat Vets More Engaged in Scripture”

Childlike or Childish

One of my clearest memories of my early childhood was sitting at the bottom of the slide on the swing set in my back yard, on an Indian Summer’s day in early September. I noticed the big yellow school bus stop outside of my neighbor’s house to drop him off from Kindergarten, and the thoughtContinue reading “Childlike or Childish”

I’ve Been Here Too Long

I am not sure why I ordered anything to eat in the first place. Anxiety had locked up my appetite. Eating seemed more of a chore than a pleasure as I sat across the table from a trusted pastor and friend, pouring out recent pains and telling him how fear had gripped nearly every areaContinue reading “I’ve Been Here Too Long”

Gratitude Over Grumbling

Having a tough year? As church members choose conflict over peacemaking, appear more excited about politics than discipleship, give more weight to a pundit’s off-the-cuff opinion than your studied convictions, fall for sin rather than follow Scripture, reject the counsel of friends to pursue idols you know will hurt them, make time for school programsContinue reading “Gratitude Over Grumbling”

How To Drive Men Away from the Church

“I don’t think I ever really heard the gospel here,” I said trembling to the pastor. He kindly listened to my concerns and asked follow-up questions. “The name of Jesus is mentioned during the service and sin is brought up from time to time. And I agree, things like grace, faith, and heaven are spokenContinue reading “How To Drive Men Away from the Church”

The Hidden Discipline

I have a love/hate relationship with duty and discipline. It may be a generational problem. After all, such a statement would’ve been incomprehensible for the so-called Greatest Generation; people just did what they had to do, however nervous or reluctant they might’ve felt. For me, it’s also a personality and temperament issue. Duty often seemsContinue reading “The Hidden Discipline”