The Untamed Beast in America

Let’s take a brief look at greed. Practically speaking, greed is an inordinate desire for more, an excessive, unsatisfied hunger to possess. Like an untamed beast, greed grasps, claws, reaches, clutches, and clings—stubbornly refusing to surrender. The word enough is not in this beast’s vocabulary. Akin to envy and jealousy, greed is nevertheless distinct. EnvyContinue reading “The Untamed Beast in America”


READ:John 15:1-8 REFLECT:There is always a danger when we read metaphorical passages like thisone. Sometimes we take Jesus’ parables too literally, and then we findourselves using them to judge others, trying to decide who needs to be“pruned” and who needs to be “cut off and thrown in the fire”. That’swhy we need to remember thatContinue reading “Pruned”