Remember His Promises

I don’t know what your days look like right now. Perhaps life feels like it’s out of control and you’re praying for the strength to see your way through. Or maybe, everything is calm right now and you’re thankful for the time to catch your breath. Whether you’re struggling and worn out, relaxed and feelingContinue reading “Remember His Promises”

When You Don’t Trust Your Church Elder Anymore

“I don’t trust you anymore.” That’s what I said to one of my church elders as I confronted him about a serious issue with his character. This difficult conversation, which came after many heated and frustrating talks with him, was hindered further by our age difference—I was the same age as his oldest son. ChallengesContinue reading “When You Don’t Trust Your Church Elder Anymore”

Green Pastures and Still Waters for the Urbanite

Psalm 23 provides us with a wonderful example of God’s care and protection in imagery that engages the imagination. But for the contemporary mind, the background of this imagery may be unknown to many. The shepherd imagery is actually a metaphor for kingship in the ancient Near East. So for David to say, “Yahweh isContinue reading “Green Pastures and Still Waters for the Urbanite”