Getting Away with Murder

Could a society get away with a systemic culture of murder? As I have been researching missionary biographies while writing a sequel to Daring Devotion, I could not help but notice a disturbing trend across the world.[1] We humans kill our own young. Accidental Research I did not purposely seek out this information. I wasContinue reading “Getting Away with Murder”

A Boy and His Unborn Sibling

When life already seems too much to bear, someone who comes alongside to support us can give us the strength and support that we need to face the future with courage and love. We see this happen for our clients in the centers all the time. Pregnancy tests are a common service provided at our centers. One particular day,Continue reading “A Boy and His Unborn Sibling”

Take Your Toys and Go Home

An insider at the toy maker Hasbro has been suspended after reportedly blowing the whistle on the company’s critical race theory (CRT) training. David Johnson, a packaging engineer working for Hasbro contractor Harvey Nash, has been suspended from his work after making public the company’s efforts to indoctrinate young children. Johnson sat down with ProjectContinue reading “Take Your Toys and Go Home”

Praying for Your Teenager’s Purity

Sexual Temptation Abounds Evil has abounded in every age; yet today’s children face unique danger. Sex is assumed in most dating relationships. Pornography is as accessible as checking the weather. Phone apps provide opportunities for anonymous hookups. As a parent of six children, I bear the responsibility to guard and guide them through this treacherousContinue reading “Praying for Your Teenager’s Purity”

Friendship Is Worth the Fight

Some 1,600 years ago, Augustine said, “In this world two things are essential: life and friendship. Both should be highly prized and we must not undervalue them.” He’s right, though based on behavior, it seems many men undervalue the latter. Studies are confirming what many of us already know by observation and experience: As menContinue reading “Friendship Is Worth the Fight”

Emptiness in the Modern Hope – Epilogue

Does Genesis offer relevant lessons for your children? Can the complex and often graphic narratives really be suitable to family worship? After reading the following article, we think you will say yes. Your family needs the book of Genesis, and so does mine. Many arguments could be given to support this assertion, but I wantContinue reading “Emptiness in the Modern Hope – Epilogue”