One of the Ugliest Sights in the World

One of the ugliest sights in the world is that of a child who rules over his parents. We have all seen it, I’m sure. We have seen parents who tiptoe around their child’s cries, their child’s demands, their child’s outbursts of anger. They will do whatever he dictates, give whatever he commands. We lookContinue reading “One of the Ugliest Sights in the World”

Is It Cruel to Ask Women to Keep Their Unborn Child?

Despite their emphasis on choice, the pro-choice movement leaves many women feeling that they have no choice but abortion. Abortion is constantly portrayed as the preferred choice. After all, a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy wonders, what’s the alternative? Raise a child she seemingly can’t afford, and who will disrupt her life choices like goingContinue reading “Is It Cruel to Ask Women to Keep Their Unborn Child?”

Why Do Men Cheat?

Over the years I have heard several Christian teachers essentially tell women whose husbands had recently cheated on them that “men will be men” and “if a wife makes the home a wonderful place and/or is good in bed, a husband is far less likely to cheat.” Sadly, I was guilty of saying something closeContinue reading “Why Do Men Cheat?”

The War Over Marriage

When gay marriage became the law of the land in 2015, huge swaths of the country welcomed President Obama’s decision to light the White House in the colors of the rainbow with joy. That poignant moment in America’s life was made all the more powerful by the speed with which it happened. Only seven yearsContinue reading “The War Over Marriage”

The COVID Toll on Our Children

The pandemic is taking a toll on mental health across the U.S. Experts say your kids may be most at-risk. Suicide hotlines are ringing off the hook; call volume rose 65-percent last year. Most callers were teens and senior citizens. Trips to the emergency room escalated almost immediately following lockdown orders. “Compared with 2019, the proportion ofContinue reading “The COVID Toll on Our Children”

Do You Still Trust Him?

That’s a reasonable and humble question on the minds of many wives, especially those whose husbands are in positions of church leadership. It’s a reasonable question because it’s based on evidence. It’s a humble question because it does not begin with an air of moral superiority—“That could never happen to me!”—but a willingness to acceptContinue reading “Do You Still Trust Him?”

The Secret to Raising Large Families

The more children you have, the less you can give each one, and the worse they do. Right? Parents in pandemic isolation without the usual supports from schools, churches, and extended family will certainly resonate with the idea that their time, energy, and attention are split into ever-smaller slices with each child. It’s also theContinue reading “The Secret to Raising Large Families”