It Is Found in the Smallest Parts of Your Life

The doctrines of the word of God were not intended just to lay claim on your brain, but also to capture your heart and transform the way you live. Those doctrines are meant to turn you inside out and your world upside down. Biblical doctrine is much more than an outline you give confessional assentContinue reading “It Is Found in the Smallest Parts of Your Life”

Parents. Dirt Is Good!

In 2017, Jack Gilbert—who teaches microbial science at the University of Chicago—published a fascinating book: Dirt is Good: The Advantage of Germs for Your Child’s Developing Immune System. As the title suggests, Gilbert challenges a core assumption of every nervous parent, namely that we must take every step humanly possible to protect our child fromContinue reading “Parents. Dirt Is Good!”

Disrespectful Children

They are the bane of restaurants and grocery stores. They create chaos, stress, and embarrassment for their parents and everyone else. And in a culture where unearned affirmations and self-expression are seen as inalienable rights, disrespectful and disobedient children are becoming more common. Disrespectful children are not a credit to anyone (Proverbs 17:25), including themselves,Continue reading “Disrespectful Children”

When Your Adoption Plans Fail

As I have discussed, my wife and I have been unable to have children through what is now over 20 years of marriage. We had been praying, thinking, and talking about adoption for many of those years. But God never really seemed to place in us a strong desire to adopt. We had always beenContinue reading “When Your Adoption Plans Fail”

Estranged from Your Own Children

I know far too much about estrangement for one person. My mentally ill and physically abusive mother was suicidal for most of my life. Finally, when I was 25 years old, I told her we needed to go our separate ways until she could get the help she needed and just started treating people better.Continue reading “Estranged from Your Own Children”

The Father Who Doesn’t Fail

Remember the old school-yard debate? “My dad could beat up your dad.” In a boy’s eyes, no one is stronger or mightier than their dad. It should be this way. Dads are strong and mighty. But though our earthly fathers wither and fade, God never can and never will. In fact, as time goes on,Continue reading “The Father Who Doesn’t Fail”

To Grandmother’s House We Go

I remember as a little girl going to my grandmother’s house and the first thing my sister and I would do was run into the guest bedroom and pull out the bottom drawer of a dresser. Inside were blocks, books, and my very favorite, a pair of old, high heels that we would fight overContinue reading “To Grandmother’s House We Go”

Family Leave Matters, Christian

When our twins were born in 2019, I took six weeks off work. My husband did too—thanks to his then-employer’s family leave plan, offered equally to new mothers and fathers alike—and it’s impossible to overstate how indispensable his leave became. It wasn’t that I had a difficult physical recovery. Mercifully, I didn’t, especially by theContinue reading “Family Leave Matters, Christian”

Parent Repeat Parent Repeat Again

My parenting playlist has multiple tracks on repeat. “Did you brush your teeth?” goes out to four children at least twice a day. “Don’t forget your chores” is the tune of every Saturday morning. “Please put your shoes away” is in the queue more often than I can count. To those I add “Did youContinue reading “Parent Repeat Parent Repeat Again”