Diversity Only Matters If There Is Unity

Rightly balancing unity and diversity is challenging but necessary. An unhealthy emphasis on unity can lead to a uniformity of thought and talents that makes it impossible for a group to employ a full array of strengths. An unhealthy emphasis on diversity can fragment an organization into warring factions that render it incapable of accomplishingContinue reading “Diversity Only Matters If There Is Unity”

Men Struggle for Friendship

I’m skeptical anyone over age 35 has close friends. That’s an exaggeration, but I’m certainly convinced there’s a dead zone for friendship between ages 35 and 50. It’s difficult to have good friends in middle age. Far more difficult than it should be, especially for men. A recent Saturday Night Live skit called “Man Park”Continue reading “Men Struggle for Friendship”

Dealing with a Judgmental Person

Relationships bring both joy and challenge. One challenge that many of us dread is confrontation. Confrontation typically involves a clashing of ideas, or a conflict between individuals where a misunderstanding or frustration leads to tension in the relationship. Maybe you have been on the receiving end of confrontation. Based on how you were confronted, youContinue reading “Dealing with a Judgmental Person”

And the Strangers in Your Town

As they sang praise songs together in the multi-generational worship service, many experienced joy and peace. But not a frazzled mother. As she jiggled her baby, who was on the verge of crying, she held the songbook for her five-year-old while trying to stop her toddler from running off. Then an older gentleman sitting behindContinue reading “And the Strangers in Your Town”