Are You Broken Yet?

On the 11th of November 1793, a Danish cargo ship, the Kron Princessa Maria docked in Calcutta. Amongst its passengers was a 32-year-old cobbler-cum-Baptist pastor from the East Midlands by the name of William Carey. Few could have foreseen the immense contribution this man would make to the spiritual life of the land he wouldContinue reading “Are You Broken Yet?”

Your Days Are Numbered. Act Like It.

Imagine yourself on a large ship in the middle of the ocean. In your possession is a small box containing what’s most precious to you. Perhaps a small fortune of gold lies inside. Perhaps a single photograph of a grandmother who raised you from birth. Perhaps the box contains the crown jewel of your life’sContinue reading “Your Days Are Numbered. Act Like It.”

You Read the Letter and Decide

Dropping from a dusty and well-read copy of a paperback biography fell a neatly folded, faded, and forgotten letter written to the Lord; a personal covenant. It contained a confession of sin, steps of repentance, and commitment to a deeper spirituality. The covenant had been left forgotten and slowly eaten by silverish and the proverbialContinue reading “You Read the Letter and Decide”

Supreme Court and Your Tithes

Today, the U.S. Supreme Court protected every American’s right to peacefully support causes they believe in without fear of harassment or intimidation. Praise God—this is great news! This ruling upholds a 60-year-old precedent in NAACP v. Alabama, in which the Supreme Court rebuked Alabama for demanding that the NAACP hand over its membership lists—exposing their members toContinue reading “Supreme Court and Your Tithes”

Your Future Is Not Your Business. It’s Your Future.

The link between anxiety and not-knowing also shows itself in our craving for knowledge of the future. Like an impatient reader who flips to the last page of a suspenseful novel to relieve the tension, we want a peek into what’s next. It’s no wonder the practice of divination stretches back to the earliest daysContinue reading “Your Future Is Not Your Business. It’s Your Future.”