Where There Are No Distractions

In the stillness of the wee hours of a new day, I’ve come to realize just how noisy my house can be. The ice maker randomly releases ice. The AC unit clicks on and off throughout the night. Even the motion sensor occasionally shines a light at the slightest gesture. In these moments when IContinue reading “Where There Are No Distractions”

A Better Discussion About Abuse

Abuse, of any kind, is an egregious sin by those who commit it and an immensely difficult and heavy burden to bear by those who are victims of it. As with any sin, abuse is, worst of all, an offense against a holy God. Those who perpetuate abuse must be confronted in their sin, calledContinue reading “A Better Discussion About Abuse”

It’s Time to Put the Health of Our Children First

I am proud to be a teacher. I’ve worked in the Canadian public school system for the past 15 years, mostly at the high school level, teaching morals and ethics. I don’t claim to be a doctor or an expert in virology. There is a lot I don’t know. But I spend my days withContinue reading “It’s Time to Put the Health of Our Children First”

God Did Not Promise to Heal Your Depression, Just Be with You Through It

Depression is extremely common to struggle with at some point in your life, or even throughout your entire life. Many people believe depression is something you should just “snap out of” and become happy again. For those of us struggling with depression, these comments can be hurtful and cause us to become more isolated. IfContinue reading “God Did Not Promise to Heal Your Depression, Just Be with You Through It”

What Ever Happened to Quiet?

The habit of quiet may be harder today than ever before. Don’t get me wrong: it’s always been hard. The rise and spread of technology, however, tends to crowd out quiet even more. Now that we can carry the whole wide and wild world in our pockets, it’s that much harder to keep the worldContinue reading “What Ever Happened to Quiet?”

Cancel Culture. Nothing But a Bully.

It used to be that when people differed on important issues, they engaged the ideas with facts and reasons. Those days are over. Welcome to the cancel culture. To cancel someone means to silence them. It means to use power to deplatform them, to demonetize them, or even to get them fired from their jobsContinue reading “Cancel Culture. Nothing But a Bully.”

Struggling with God. You Will Struggle with Yourself.

In the first chapter of the book of James in the Bible, Jesus’ brother warns against approaching God with unsteady faith because of the instability that comes with being “double minded.” Now, a new study suggests that people who are uncertain about their relationship with God are more likely to experience mental distress than other believers.Continue reading “Struggling with God. You Will Struggle with Yourself.”

Progress Is Littered with What We Have Laid Aside

The great general had led his troops to a hard-fought but resounding triumph on the field of battle. With the enemy army now vanquished and scattered, he rallied his regiments to press on toward the capital where they would secure the final victory. And though the men marched briskly, he urged them to still greaterContinue reading “Progress Is Littered with What We Have Laid Aside”

New Year’s Resolutions 2022

After a season in which avoiding sickness was on most everyone’s mind, many Americans say their New Year’s resolutions address their health. More Americans say their past resolutions have focused on their health, their relationship with God, their finances and their relationship with a family member than other possibilities, according to a new survey ofContinue reading “New Year’s Resolutions 2022”