It Will Never Happen to Me

Claudia Black identifies three trademarks of a dysfunctional family in her book, It Will Never Happen to Me: (1) they don’t communicate well (2) they don’t trust one another (3) they don’t allow themselves to be emotional. Let’s face it, most families fall somewhere on the dysfunctional spectrum, including Joseph’s. Joseph’s family was so dysfunctionalContinue reading “It Will Never Happen to Me”

The Christian and OCD

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) was formerly classified as an anxiety disorder but is now categorized separately by the American Psychological Association. OCD is characterized by obsessive thoughts that lead to compulsive behaviors. The thoughts are invasive and feel uncontrollable. Furthermore, the thoughts are anxiety-provoking, compelling the person to carry out certain behaviors to temporarily relieveContinue reading “The Christian and OCD”