Pastor Will Go to Jail Rather Than Not Have Church

“I’m open for a jail ministry – bring it on.” These were the fighting words from California pastor John MacArthur, who is happy to risk prison time by keeping his church open. MacArthur, the senior pastor of Grace Community Church in Greater Los Angeles, is putting The First Amendment to the test in the modernContinue reading “Pastor Will Go to Jail Rather Than Not Have Church”

When Your Mother Grows Old

Listen to your father who gave you life,and do not despise your mother when she is old. (Proverbs 23:22) If you are considered “young,” I am considered “older.” I’m a grandma seven times over already. Last week, my 6-year-old granddaughter and I were jumping on the trampoline when she stopped, examined my feet and hands,Continue reading “When Your Mother Grows Old”

Oh My Failing Flesh

It was a rough July. Twice I was unexpectedly hospitalized and needed the whole nine yards of medical intervention: ER, ICU, and regular hospitalization. No, not for the reason you might expect. In fact, I’ve tested negative for COVID-19 twice. I’ve never tried to hide my age, but I have recently bragged in print thatContinue reading “Oh My Failing Flesh”

When Male and Female Was Normal

One of the biggest challenges to Christians who would argue for a notion like “biblical manhood and womanhood” is that the very idea sounds strange to modern audiences. It often sounds like Christians are trying to impose a sort of playacting or subjective role-playing on others. Yet being a man or a woman shouldn’t beContinue reading “When Male and Female Was Normal”

DIY Abortions in England

There has been a significant rise in abortions across England and Wales after the Government relaxed regulations so that women could end their pregnancies at home during the pandemic. Latest figures from the Department of Health and Social Care out today show that 109,836 abortions were performed for English and Welsh residents in the firstContinue reading “DIY Abortions in England”

Knee Deep in the Weeds

New U.S. data released by Quest Diagnostics has found that rates of marijuana positivity in the workforce have sharply risen both over the last year (2018-2019) and since legalization was implemented. Furthermore, Quest Diagnostics also reported that workforce drug positivity hit a sixteen-year high in 2019. Marijuana is the most commonly detected substance and has the highest drug positivityContinue reading “Knee Deep in the Weeds”

The Bitter Fruit of Fearing Men

Fear of man, unlike other more glaring sins, often hides itself behind various masks of love. It stalks the fearful and vulnerable while wearing camouflage, covering malice with the appearance of safety, warmth, kindness, even selflessness. It preys on friendships, marriages, families, churches, and workplaces, often without anyone noticing it. And because it kills withoutContinue reading “The Bitter Fruit of Fearing Men”