Advice from Max Who Was Vaccinated and Still Caught COVID

Pastor and New York Times bestselling author, Max Lucado, has contracted coronavirus after he had been vaccinated. Due to go on a golf trip in Ireland with friends after preaching in Oak Hills Church, he will instead spend his time in quarantine at home. Lucado made the announcement on Twitter Sunday, stating. “Groan; Covid foundContinue reading “Advice from Max Who Was Vaccinated and Still Caught COVID”

Now There Is Demisexuality. Heaven Help Us.

Earlier this month, Michaela Kennedy-Cuomo, daughter of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, announced that she now identifies as “demisexual.” As she described in the interview, her journey has gone from identifying as straight to identifying as bisexual to identifying as pansexual to now, finally, demisexual. This latest identification refers to someone who is sexually attractedContinue reading “Now There Is Demisexuality. Heaven Help Us.”

Does God Care About My Weight?

God cares about our devotions, desires, and disciplines, which direct our attention and anxieties. Our weight, concerns about our weight, or the value that others attach to us because of our weight can replace the truth of what God defines as our value and identity as being loved by Him. For good or for bad,Continue reading “Does God Care About My Weight?”

The Loneliness of Being Different

Being different often breeds loneliness of the deepest kind. This is especially true when someone is different in a way that offends the sensibilities of others. For some, the difference is due to illness. Others are born with deformities or are disfigured in an accident. And for many, there will be no remedy in this lifetime.Continue reading “The Loneliness of Being Different”

What If We Could Live to Be 150 Years Old?

A new report from Scientific American shows that humans have a life span capacity of up to 120-150 years, omitting any possible stressors like cancer, heart disease, or getting hit by a bus. The article, however, looks at this optimal life span rather pessimistically. The author writes, “What if death simply cannot be hacked andContinue reading “What If We Could Live to Be 150 Years Old?”