Everything a Christian Needs to Know about the COVID Vaccine

(The article is a bit long but comprehensive. A good read for every believer.) One of the greatest technological achievements in human history was the Apollo moon mission undertaken by the United States. Less than a decade before the successful Apollo 11 launch, and the return of the three astronauts to earth safely after twoContinue reading “Everything a Christian Needs to Know about the COVID Vaccine”

Don’t Look at It but Along It

Life came to a screeching halt nearly a year ago because of the COVID lockdown. This suspension of normal life brought with it the opportunity for reflection, something our busy lives rarely afford. One area the spring lockdown helped us consider afresh is work. For many, work slowed dramatically; for others, it got suspended indefinitelyContinue reading “Don’t Look at It but Along It”

We Are So Not Into History

It’s increasingly obvious that the modern West has become antihistorical. The past is no longer seen as a useful guide to the present or future, but a misleading, unreliable one. Those who lived in the past are more likely to be dishonored than honored. The study of history itself is often seen as wasteful orContinue reading “We Are So Not Into History”

A New Perspective on COVID

Marie Durand was from a well-known Huguenot (Calvinist) family, at a time in French history when it was illegal to be an evangelical. At the age of fifteen, because of her whole family’s Gospel activities, she was imprisoned for her faith in Jesus. She spent the next thirty-eight years in lockdown. The authorities were particularlyContinue reading “A New Perspective on COVID”

Depression Doesn’t Define You

I did not have a word for it until my senior year of college. Looking back, I can see it started before then, in cycles and seasons when I described myself as “down,” “in a funk,” “struggling,” “low.” My friend talked me into seeing a counselor at our college’s health center, and there I wasContinue reading “Depression Doesn’t Define You”

The Sad Case of Mr. RS

(This case is drawn from England but they often serve as a template for our future. It is a bit lengthy but poses questions worth considering. It makes a strong argument for having a Living Will and a Medical Power of Attorney. I do.) Last month saw the sad death of Mr. RS after his nutrition andContinue reading “The Sad Case of Mr. RS”

Defund Refund

Minneapolis started with an $8 million budget cut but the results have been near-catastrophic: Violent crime shot up by 21% in 2020, and police are taking longer to respond to 911 calls. So the city council unanimously voted last week to put $6 million back.  Randy Sutton of the Law Enforcement News Network says the city deserves an I-told-you-soContinue reading “Defund Refund”

The COVID Toll on Our Children

The pandemic is taking a toll on mental health across the U.S. Experts say your kids may be most at-risk. Suicide hotlines are ringing off the hook; call volume rose 65-percent last year. Most callers were teens and senior citizens. Trips to the emergency room escalated almost immediately following lockdown orders. “Compared with 2019, the proportion ofContinue reading “The COVID Toll on Our Children”

The Forbidden Woman

In Proverbs, the opposite of wisdom is often personified in a character known as “the forbidden woman” or “lady folly.” A woman of “smooth words” (Prov. 2:16–17) whose lips “drip honey” (Prov. 5:3), she is “loud,” “seductive,” and “sits at the door of her house,” “calling to those who pass by” (Prov. 9:13–15). Throughout Proverbs,Continue reading “The Forbidden Woman”