What Does the Bible Say About Suicide?

The Bible mentions six specific people who committed suicide: Abimelech (Judges 9:54), Saul (1 Samuel 31:4), Saul’s armor-bearer (1 Samuel 31:4–6), Ahithophel (2 Samuel 17:23), Zimri (1 Kings 16:18), and Judas (Matthew 27:5). Five of these men were noted for their wickedness (the exception is Saul’s armor-bearer—nothing is said of his character). Some consider Samson’sContinue reading “What Does the Bible Say About Suicide?”

Children Do Not Tell Their Parents Who They Are Because They Are Children

I truly believe that actress and activist Sophia Bush is genuinely concerned about children. I truly believe that, in her heart, she is convinced that the best thing to do for a child who identifies as transgender is to affirm that child’s perceived identity. But is she right? Do kids know what is best forContinue reading “Children Do Not Tell Their Parents Who They Are Because They Are Children”

What the Church Will Look Like After COVID

In the middle of March last year, churches across America shut their doors and warned congregants to stay home. The sheltering-in-place was supposed to last a few weeks, just long enough to flatten the curve of coronavirus infections and ease the pressure on healthcare providers. Few knew what to make of the news, or how long the pandemicContinue reading “What the Church Will Look Like After COVID”

Everything a Christian Needs to Know about the COVID Vaccine

(The article is a bit long but comprehensive. A good read for every believer.) One of the greatest technological achievements in human history was the Apollo moon mission undertaken by the United States. Less than a decade before the successful Apollo 11 launch, and the return of the three astronauts to earth safely after twoContinue reading “Everything a Christian Needs to Know about the COVID Vaccine”

Don’t Look at It but Along It

Life came to a screeching halt nearly a year ago because of the COVID lockdown. This suspension of normal life brought with it the opportunity for reflection, something our busy lives rarely afford. One area the spring lockdown helped us consider afresh is work. For many, work slowed dramatically; for others, it got suspended indefinitelyContinue reading “Don’t Look at It but Along It”