Closed on Sunday: Celebrating Easter in the Shadow of Global Death

For the first—and hopefully last—time in our lives, churches around the world are about to celebrate Easter by not gathering on Sunday. It’s a tragic picture of these sad and scary days. Yet it’s similar in several ways to what happened on the first Easter Sunday. John shows us Mary Magdalene weeping outside the tombContinue reading “Closed on Sunday: Celebrating Easter in the Shadow of Global Death”

The Abortion Industry’s Troubling Response to Coronavirus

On March 18, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services recommended that all elective surgeries as well as non-essential medical, surgical, and dental procedures be delayed to mitigate the spread of coronavirus and properly allocate medical resources. In response, several states have issued orders temporarily halting medical procedures that are not immediately necessary. While mostContinue reading “The Abortion Industry’s Troubling Response to Coronavirus”

Why Is New York Targeting Samaritan’s Purse for Serving Them

When he was a child, the beloved TV host Mr. Rogers would get scared watching the news. His mother comforted him by telling him to “look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” The current crisis is no exception. There are helpers all over the country, buying groceries for at-risk neighbors,Continue reading “Why Is New York Targeting Samaritan’s Purse for Serving Them”

My Kids Won’t Stop Fighting

By Corlette SandeI had only been on the phone for a few minutes when my preschool children launched into one of their daily power struggles. Crying, shouting, and blame-shifting echoed through our previously quiet home. I quickly finished my conversation before heading to the living room to referee. When I arrived, though, I was surprisedContinue reading “My Kids Won’t Stop Fighting”

Burma cardinal says China should apologise for its ‘lies and propaganda’ that have put millions in danger

A cardinal in Myanmar has launched a scathing attack on the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) over its handling of the coronavirus outbreak, saying that it bears “primary responsibility” for the global pandemic and should offer an apology to the world.Since first being detected in Wuhan, Hubei Province late last year, the virus has gone onContinue reading “Burma cardinal says China should apologise for its ‘lies and propaganda’ that have put millions in danger”

Dr. Catherine Hamlin: A Beautiful Life

In all the media turmoil surrounding COVID-19, you may have missed the passing of Dr Catherine Hamlin, aged 96. Dr Hamlin’s gynaecological work in treating Ethiopian women suffering from obstetric fistula was so remarkable that even The Sydney Morning Herald referred to her as “the saint of Addis Ababa”. Julie White, Chair of Catherine HamlinContinue reading “Dr. Catherine Hamlin: A Beautiful Life”