What If We Could Live to Be 150 Years Old?

A new report from Scientific American shows that humans have a life span capacity of up to 120-150 years, omitting any possible stressors like cancer, heart disease, or getting hit by a bus. The article, however, looks at this optimal life span rather pessimistically. The author writes, “What if death simply cannot be hacked andContinue reading “What If We Could Live to Be 150 Years Old?”

The Easiest Thing You Can Do to Improve Your Spiritual Walk

“Some of us imagine the Christian life as being sedentary,” a good friend commented to me, “more about sitting than standing, talking and listening than anything causing exertion.” We were discussing the New Testament commands to love and good works. Contrary to any assumption that life in Christ is lived mainly in living rooms andContinue reading “The Easiest Thing You Can Do to Improve Your Spiritual Walk”

Alzheimer’s. You Are Not Alone.

Alzheimers. If you know someone who has been diagnosed with it, you understand how awful the journey can be. My friend’s mother has been struggling with Alzheimers for years and doesn’t recognize her husband anymore, often fearing he is a robber. When that happens, her husband speaks tenderly to her. Then he holds her andContinue reading “Alzheimer’s. You Are Not Alone.”