Why Do You Treat Your Body Like That?

One of the great things the Bible says—and we sometimes overlook this—is that we will be raised physically. Jesus’s resurrection body wasn’t just kind of a stunt to show that God was satisfied with his death. Jesus’s resurrection body is the foretaste of what is going to happen to all of us. We will allContinue reading “Why Do You Treat Your Body Like That?”

Can Our Loved Ones in Heaven See What We Are Doing Here

It’s odd to me that so many assume people who are now in the present Heaven are completely ignorant of what’s going on here on Earth where the great drama of redemption is unfolding—wouldn’t we think they’d be more enlightened, not less? From what we see in Scripture, it appears people in Heaven have at least someContinue reading “Can Our Loved Ones in Heaven See What We Are Doing Here”

The Artist at His Wheel

In the midst of the Great Depression, in 1939, The American Pottery Exhibit at The New York World’s Fair offered patrons two collectable pieces of pottery. Two of Homer Laughlin Pottery’s artists, Bill Barrisford and Garvin Miller, designed the plates, promoting a trending turquoise glaze featured on the company’s newest line of pottery. The firstContinue reading “The Artist at His Wheel”