A Story Worth Remembering

Le Chambon-sur-Lignon is a small village in south-central France. Back in 1940, the total population of this area, including the surrounding villages, was only about 5,000. Still, under the leadership of their Protestant pastor Andre Trocme and his wife, Magda, the residents of these villages were responsible for saving up to 5,000 Jews from deportationContinue reading “A Story Worth Remembering”

Do You Still Trust Him?

That’s a reasonable and humble question on the minds of many wives, especially those whose husbands are in positions of church leadership. It’s a reasonable question because it’s based on evidence. It’s a humble question because it does not begin with an air of moral superiority—“That could never happen to me!”—but a willingness to acceptContinue reading “Do You Still Trust Him?”

What To Do If You’re Feeling Disillusioned

With such eagerness, we all waved goodbye to 2020 and invited the ‘fresh start’ that 2021 promised…But as time passes, and the familiar sounds of a Test Match on TV fill the room with some semblance of normality, there’s an unspoken sense of uncertainty, as every news break could announce the next COVID19 lockdown. OfContinue reading “What To Do If You’re Feeling Disillusioned”