Can Our Loved Ones in Heaven See What We Are Doing Here

It’s odd to me that so many assume people who are now in the present Heaven are completely ignorant of what’s going on here on Earth where the great drama of redemption is unfolding—wouldn’t we think they’d be more enlightened, not less? From what we see in Scripture, it appears people in Heaven have at least someContinue reading “Can Our Loved Ones in Heaven See What We Are Doing Here”

How to Get Along (and What to Do When You Can’t)

Of course, it’s irritating to be told to forgive some people I don’t want to forgive or, even worse, to ask them to forgive me. The Bible is irritating, too, because it won’t leave me alone about my sin and that doesn’t give me any wiggle room. The Bible is also irritating because there areContinue reading “How to Get Along (and What to Do When You Can’t)”

Sometimes Jesus Is Not Likeable

Every one of us faces hardships, trials, suffering, affliction. And for Christians who believe that Jesus is all-powerful, all-wise, and all-good, the worst part is often this confusion. Whether it’s illness (cancer, stroke, unexplained sickness, chronic pain); whether it’s the death of someone we love (parent, child, sibling, friend); whether it’s persecution, opposition, or enmity;Continue reading “Sometimes Jesus Is Not Likeable”

Good News for a Weary Generation

As you’re trying to make sense of what’s happening in our culture and how we should respond as Christians, I highly recommend Thaddeus Williams’s Confronting Injustice without Compromising Truth: 12 Questions Christians Should Ask About Social Justice. In the book, Williams contrasts biblical ideas of justice, which he calls “Social Justice A,” with the currentContinue reading “Good News for a Weary Generation”

Who Would You Not Like to See In Heaven?

READ:Acts 10:1-34 REFLECT:Although today’s reading is relatively long, it’s still only a part of amuch bigger narrative. More of this story is included in the readings forSunday, and it offers a challenging message. It’s easy to forget howshocking Peter’s actions would have been for his peers in the Church ofActs. They had been raised asContinue reading “Who Would You Not Like to See In Heaven?”