The Cloud of Witnesses

The new biography of my namesake, the Scottish missionary John Ross (1842-1915), is the first published in English. From 1872 to 1910, Ross worked in northeast China, but his influence spread south into Korea, resulting in both regions in large numbers of spontaneously expanding, locally sustainable, Presbyterian polity churches, independent of missionary control. Neglected forContinue reading “The Cloud of Witnesses”

John G. Paton: An Unbelievable Story

Vanuatu is a nation of more than eighty islands, previously called the New Hebrides, just east of Papua New Guinea. On November 19, 1839, the first missionaries to this little-known island nation, Rev. John Williams and James Harris, landed and were grotesquely slain the next day.1 This act was later understood to be revenge forContinue reading “John G. Paton: An Unbelievable Story”

Abandon Your Ministry Goals

His contagious Christian influence as missionary, pastor, and college president touched thousands of lives, and his writings on the Victorious Christian Life moved millions more. V. Raymond Edman left a mark behind him—circled, underlined, and highlighted. Early in his career, Edman nearly died of tropical disease while a missionary in Ecuador. Seeking to regain hisContinue reading “Abandon Your Ministry Goals”

The Civil War No One Cares About

Fighting continues in Myanmar between the military junta and local resistance groups. The military has lost about 90 bases since a February 2021 coup. The military uses heavy artillery and airstrikes to hit resistance groups, often firing shells off even when there is no fighting going on. One report says the junta only has fullContinue reading “The Civil War No One Cares About”

Masculine Christianity

There is a great need in the Church today for men to be men, to exhibit courage and conviction, to lead well and to serve well, to provide and to cover. In fact, the Greek verb translated “be courageous” in modern English versions of 1 Corinthians 16:13 is literally, “act like men.” Let the ChristianContinue reading “Masculine Christianity”