Being a Christian in Egypt Can Kill You

Memories of the attack have never faded from Souad Thabet’s mind. An Egyptian Coptic Christian woman in her 70s, Souad wishes she could forget the moment that a group of Muslim men invaded her home in El-Karam village in Egypt. They dragged her out of the house and stripped her. In her ears, is theContinue reading “Being a Christian in Egypt Can Kill You”

Mission Thriving Not Just Surviving

After the pandemic last year brought major shutdowns and changes worldwide, Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) was worried the number of people willing to serve on the mission field would drop. However, that’s not what happened. In fact, MAF’s department manager of mobilization Crissie Rask says, “We had almost twice as many people that interviewed and did technical evaluationsContinue reading “Mission Thriving Not Just Surviving”

Your Calledness. Yes, That Is a Word.

Years after hearing God’s call as a boy, Samuel became a prophet and ajudge, and the one God appointed to anoint Israel’s first king—Saul. Eventhough the writers of this part of Israel’s history described Israel’s desire fora king as a rejection of God (1 Samuel 8:7), God still worked with thepeople to appoint and callContinue reading “Your Calledness. Yes, That Is a Word.”