The World Is Afraid and the Church Isn’t Helping

Since the beginning of creation, fear and hope have been parts of our psyche. But even as we are made in the image of God, fear and hope do not come from God in the sense that He has these traits too. For He neither fears, nor hopes, because He knows all things, is beyondContinue reading “The World Is Afraid and the Church Isn’t Helping”

What Happened to Vision in the Church?

Those simple words carry a hidden complexity of meaning for many church leaders. Minuscule molehills of insecurity become mountains of defensiveness as we assume the motivation behind that question. The reason those words can strike fear, however, most often comes back to one of four unspoken realities of leading with vision in the local church. Reality #1: IContinue reading “What Happened to Vision in the Church?”

Afghan Christians Go Silent

FMI has lost contact with several partners in Afghanistan since the Taliban takeover. Nehemiah talks about one man named Abdar, who became a Christian with his whole family while in Pakistan. “He was with us for the last few months. He is from Afghanistan, studying in Pakistan, and he said last month that he wasContinue reading “Afghan Christians Go Silent”

The President Misquoted but the Scripture Still Spoke

President Biden isn’t the first president to misquote Scripture, only the most recent. He did it by quoting Isaiah 6:8, when the prophet answered the Lord’s call with, “Here am I. Send me!” This reference was made in a speech responding to last week’s terrorist attack at the Kabul airport. It was odd. It wasContinue reading “The President Misquoted but the Scripture Still Spoke”