In HIS Steps

“This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased” (Matthew 17:5).This title of endearment describes the unbroken love relationship that has always existed between the Father and the Son. The designation “My beloved Son,” is an affirmation of God’s pleasure in the perfection of His Son. It is an audible, public endorsement ofContinue reading “In HIS Steps”

You Can’t Find It

Charles Spurgeon said it. Billy Graham said it. And even though it’s not really all that funny anymore, most of us have probably said it as well. It goes something like this: “Don’t bother looking for the perfect church since, the moment you join it, it won’t be perfect anymore.” Zing! There’s truth behind theContinue reading “You Can’t Find It”

The Atrocities Continue in Myanmar

A Christian charity is calling on the international community to take urgent action after reports of at least 35 civilians being burnt alive in Myanmar on Christmas Eve. Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) said the atrocity was carried out by the Tatmadaw – the Myanmar army – in Kayah State.  The victims include elderly people andContinue reading “The Atrocities Continue in Myanmar”

12 More Christians Murdered in Nigeria

Terrorists killed 12 Christians in an attack on a village in north-eastern Nigeria on Sunday, just days ahead of Christmas. The attackers targeted the predominantly Christian village of Kilangal in Askira-Uba County, Borno state, not long after worship services had ended, Morning Star News reports. Dauda Sabo, spokesman for the Askira-Uba Local Government Council, said the attackContinue reading “12 More Christians Murdered in Nigeria”

Understanding What Is Happening In Myanmar

According to my contacts in Yangon, COVID-19 is rife. The confirmed death toll has risen sharply to hundreds per day. Few are vaccinated. Almost a third of public hospitals are or have been closed. Relatives, friends, and aid providers risk being shot or detained as they queue to try to get oxygen cylinders to theContinue reading “Understanding What Is Happening In Myanmar”

Nigerian Christians Need Our Prayers

Your prayers are again desperately needed for our family in Nigeria, following another attack on Christians, this time by a group of bandits. The incident reflects the increasing and shocking impunity with which armed bandits and extremist Islamic militants are wreaking havoc across Nigeria, with Christians often amongst those targeted. The country is number nineContinue reading “Nigerian Christians Need Our Prayers”

Let’s Not Forget the 17 Captive Missionaries

The Ohio-based Christian Aid Ministries urged continued prayers for their 17 missionaries being held captive by the 400 Mawozo gang in Haiti as families of 26 Americans being held hostage around the world recently pressed the Biden administration to push more aggressively to free their loved ones. Nearly three weeks have passed since 17 missionaries workingContinue reading “Let’s Not Forget the 17 Captive Missionaries”

Myanmar’s Civil War Spreads

The outgoing U.N. envoy to Myanmar says civil war has spread throughout the country. Brian Dennett describes the brutal fighting via AMG international partners in the country. “One community effectively held off the military using handmade guns and weapons. They were celebrating that fact, only to be bombed by an aircraft sent by the militaryContinue reading “Myanmar’s Civil War Spreads”

When the Silver Lining Was What Was Needed All Along

In a recent article, I told my story of struggling with idolizing missions. After that surrender and spiritual blessing, God used my physical problems to redirect my ministry. The Lord allowed me to recover enough to continue to serve in Cambodia. However, it was clear that I no longer have the physical ability to maintainContinue reading “When the Silver Lining Was What Was Needed All Along”