Shot or Not to Be Shot

About 3,000 Los Angeles Police Department employees are citing religious objections to try to get out of the required COVID-19 vaccination. In Washington state, hundreds of state workers are seeking similar exemptions. And an Arkansas hospital has been swamped with so many such requests from employees that it is apparently calling their bluff. Religious objections,Continue reading “Shot or Not to Be Shot”

A Prostitute’s Honor

As the people of Israel prepared to enter and settle in the PromisedLand, Joshua sent two spies out to get information about the largefortified cities that would resist them. In Jericho the spies wereassisted by a prostitute named Rahab. Some scholars have notedthat her clientel must have been officials and nobles from theking’s court, becauseContinue reading “A Prostitute’s Honor”

A Quick History’s View of What It Is to Be a Human Being

In our day, most attempts to understand what it means to be human do not begin with Scripture but rather proceed from a worldly perspective. The most common definition for a human being—or for what it means to be human—is the scientific name Homo sapiens, meaning “wise man.” This term, in distinguishing man from allContinue reading “A Quick History’s View of What It Is to Be a Human Being”

Good News for a Weary Generation

As you’re trying to make sense of what’s happening in our culture and how we should respond as Christians, I highly recommend Thaddeus Williams’s Confronting Injustice without Compromising Truth: 12 Questions Christians Should Ask About Social Justice. In the book, Williams contrasts biblical ideas of justice, which he calls “Social Justice A,” with the currentContinue reading “Good News for a Weary Generation”

Their Not Asking; Their Listening

The data didn’t make sense. The American Bible Society (ABS) and Barna Group researchers looked at the results from 1,000 cellphone interviews asking people about their engagement with Scripture. The numbers seemed to show more people were reading the Bible—a lot more. But nothing else had dramatically changed. There were not more people praying, orContinue reading “Their Not Asking; Their Listening”

Quick Economics Lessons for Christians

The Term: The Economy (aka Gross Domestic Product) What It Means: Humans have seemingly unlimited wants and needs—but a limited number of resources. This is known as scarcity, and it’s the fundamental problem in economics. The primary way we solve this problem is through market exchanges or transactions: you make something I want or need,Continue reading “Quick Economics Lessons for Christians”

I Am Politically Ambivalent

Many Christians today are struggling with the question of whether, or to what extent, they should get involved in the messy world of American politics. This is a dilemma we feel most acutely whenever election season rolls around—and especially when the choices on offer appear far from ideal. A new book, Compassion (&) Conviction: The ANDContinue reading “I Am Politically Ambivalent”