I Am Politically Ambivalent

Many Christians today are struggling with the question of whether, or to what extent, they should get involved in the messy world of American politics. This is a dilemma we feel most acutely whenever election season rolls around—and especially when the choices on offer appear far from ideal. A new book, Compassion (&) Conviction: The ANDContinue reading “I Am Politically Ambivalent”

The Power of a Quiet, Steady Ministry

Many Christian heroes made a difference to the world by travelling it; Charles Simeon made a difference by staying in the same place ministering for fifty-four years. Simeon was born in 1759 to a wealthy, upper-class family in the south-east of England who had only a superficial Christian faith. Educated at Eton and King’s College,Continue reading “The Power of a Quiet, Steady Ministry”

Do Christians Pick And Choose Which Rules They Want To Follow?

Christians, it seems, are concerned about right and wrong. What are they supposed to be do? How should they live? What should they do to please God? One of the most common criticisms I’ve heard from non-believers is that Christians are overbearing with their rules and seem to want to impose their rules on everyoneContinue reading “Do Christians Pick And Choose Which Rules They Want To Follow?”

Can We Know Anything for Sure?

Many today fail to see the importance of grounding their reasoning process in reality in spite of the fact that whatever is not based on reality is un-reality, in other words, unreal. The slippery slope of subjectivism and relativism is the result of such “reasoning” manufactured in the imaginations of the mind rather than inContinue reading “Can We Know Anything for Sure?”

One Impact of Artificial Intelligence No One Accounted For

One of Yuval Harari’s contentions is that many people researching into AI do not concern themselves with consciousness for the simple reason that their AI systems are allowing them to create intelligence (simulated) that is not conscious – and that is sufficient for their purposes. It is easy to get some idea of what thisContinue reading “One Impact of Artificial Intelligence No One Accounted For”

What Does Paul Say About Homosexuality?

In this post, we’re asking the question: What does Paul say about homosexuality? To find out, we need to investigate Romans 1:26-27, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10, and 1 Timothy 1:9-10. Let’s consider each text in turn. Romans 1:26-27This passage is probably the most significant biblical text addressing homosexuality. In the broader context, we read that GodContinue reading “What Does Paul Say About Homosexuality?”

Many Christians Struggle to Read the Bible on Their Own

Many Christians struggle to understand Scripture without help from others, new research has found.  Over half (57%) of the 1,002 US Protestant churchgoers surveyed by Lifeway Research said it was challenging to make sense of the Bible when they read it on their own.  “Churchgoers are ready to defend the Bible as true and asContinue reading “Many Christians Struggle to Read the Bible on Their Own”

Why We Can’t Know If The Universe Created Itself

In the beginning, was… not the Word …. but the singularity event occurring in absolute nothingness and timelessness that spontaneously created all we see in the universe around us.  So said physicist Stephen Hawking anyway, in his popular book The Grand Design, where he explained that spontaneous creation is the reason why there is something ratherContinue reading “Why We Can’t Know If The Universe Created Itself”

Is AI Today’s Tower of Babel

In May, Microsoft unveiled a new supercomputer at a developer conference, claiming it’s the fifth most powerful machine in the world. Built in collaboration with OpenAI, the computer is designed to train single massive AI models in self-supervised learning, forgoing the need for human-labeled data sets. These AI models operate in distributed optimization, resulting inContinue reading “Is AI Today’s Tower of Babel”