In 10 Years, You Won’t Remember

In ten years, you won’t remember what’s bothering you today. I’ve been a pastor for just about twenty years. During this time, I can’t remember a season without some level of discouragement. Some days were boiling, others just simmering, but there’s always been a pot of adversity on the stove. Do you know what’s interesting?Continue reading “In 10 Years, You Won’t Remember”

Your Spiritual Discipline for Today

These “wise men” who visited Jesus raise a number of questions for us. To begin with they would never have been permitted to worship God in the Temple. They wereGentiles, and their occupation of divination was forbidden in the Hebrew law. Yet, they are among the first worshippers of Jesus. Then, there is the curiousContinue reading “Your Spiritual Discipline for Today”

A Poem of More Than Romance

I have often expressed my fascination with nineteenth century religious poetry. In a time when there were few means through which strangers could engage with one another, poetry periodicals would often print a poem in one issue, then responses or rebuttals in future editions. I found just such a situation with a poem titled “AContinue reading “A Poem of More Than Romance”