“Overthrowing” Darwinism Is on the Table

Ethan Siegel is a physicist who writes a pretty consistently interesting regular blog for Forbes. Yesterday he offered thoughts on “How To Overthrow A Scientific Theory In Three Easy Steps.” He concedes, “Even our best theories of today may be superseded with tomorrow’s science.” And no one, except perhaps some ultra-Darwinists, would disagree. He notesContinue reading ““Overthrowing” Darwinism Is on the Table”

Michael Bublé Returns to the Stage after His Son Miraculously Beats Cancer

Michael Bublé’s entire life changed in an instant when doctors gave his son Noah a grim diagnosis. But after a 3-year break, the popular crooner is in Dublin, Ireland kicking off his new tour. And while he was there, Michael Bublé spoke about his son’s cancer battle and how God used it for good. InContinue reading “Michael Bublé Returns to the Stage after His Son Miraculously Beats Cancer”

New study: 1 in 8 divorces is caused by student loan debt

I already mentioned the studies that show that marrying a non-virgin is less stable than marrying a virgin. But what about student loans? Are they a risk factor for divorce, too? I was reading over at Captain Capitalism and saw this CNBC article, which discusses data relevant to our recent discussion about whether men oughtContinue reading “New study: 1 in 8 divorces is caused by student loan debt”

Those Who Try to Shame You for Your Faith

A conflict of worldviews In my last job, I had two interesting encounters, first with a secular Jewish leftist man and second with a New Age prosperity gospel feminist Christian woman. So let’s talk about the two people. The man who thinks that conservative Christians are stupid The first kind of person who tried toContinue reading “Those Who Try to Shame You for Your Faith”

The Christian Internet Library

The newly renamed Internet Christian Library (ICLnet) has grown upon the foundation laid by The Institute for Christian Leadership (ICL), which provided  its resources to Christian higher education institutions. The collection contained  has been built by the hands and hearts of a few steady colleagues, who have spent thousands of hours reviewing materials, reading books,Continue reading “The Christian Internet Library”