From One Degree of Glory to Another

The alarm clock startled me awake at 6:00 AM. This was an optimistic time. I grasped for my phone on the nightstand and hit the snooze button. I laid there and wondered, “How long do I have until the baby and big kid are awake?” I think to myself; today will be different.  Today willContinue reading “From One Degree of Glory to Another”


Because the term “evolution” can be used in more than one way, and conversations on Darwin’s theory can be confused by moving back and forth between more than one definition of the word, many people find it helpful to make a distinction between “microevolution” (small changes within a particular kind of organism) and macroevolution (largeContinue reading “Microevolution”

No Peace for the Wicked

Isaiah 48:22 says, “There is no peace . . . for the wicked.” The statement is repeated in Isaiah 57:21. In both cases, the declaration follows the Lord’s denouncements of evil nations and wicked practices. Isaiah 57:20 explains further: “The wicked are like the tossing sea, which cannot rest, whose waves cast up mire andContinue reading “No Peace for the Wicked”

The Scent That Lingers

For years now, my mother has worn patchouli.  It smells like the woods, with a tinge of smoke and a hint of something floral. Even days after she’s visited Nashville, her invisible signature lingers on the pillow where she slept, on the scarf she borrowed, on the blanket on the couch—reminding me that we wereContinue reading “The Scent That Lingers”

Lessons from the Life of a Queen

I was outside relaxing with friends on September 8, when we heard the news of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s passing. The four of us—including a British church denomination leader, a Royal fine artist, and a previous chief operating officer of the Royal Albert Hall—spent some time reflecting on her extraordinary life.  It was particularlyContinue reading “Lessons from the Life of a Queen”