I Was Raped and Got Pregnant

I received an email from a non-Christian woman who had been raped and got pregnant.  She gave birth to a daughter. The emotional and physical struggles she went through were very difficult and were weighing on her heavily. She wanted to know, “Why did God allow this to happen?” Note: The content here is transferredContinue reading “I Was Raped and Got Pregnant”

The Easy Way

Jeremiah 10:1–11:23; Philemon 1:1–7; Proverbs 14:1–14 There is a certain amount of freedom in being foolish. Foolish people don’t stop to reflect on their actions. Characteristically unimaginative, foolish people don’t stop to consider how their words and actions affect others. The scary effect of foolishness is that it’s contagious: “Leave the presence of a foolishContinue reading “The Easy Way”

Spiritual Discipline for the Day

In Luke’s version of the crucifixion story, we see an intriguing contrast in the way different people respond to Jesus’ death. On the one hand there are women, religious leaders, soldiers and criminals who mock Jesus and view his death as God’s curse.This comes through clearly in today’s reading. But, on the other hand, weContinue reading “Spiritual Discipline for the Day”