Trying to Hide His Death and Resurrection

Reference to the bodily resurrection of Jesus is also found in Roman sources written only decades after the crucifixion of Jesus. In a monumental historical work written by Josephus over many years and finished about AD 93, he recorded how disciples had reported that Jesus appeared to them alive three days after the crucifixion (Josephus, Antiquities). AlthoughContinue reading “Trying to Hide His Death and Resurrection”

When the Church Becomes a Personality Cult

In the modern West the church has an issue with its public image. With the rise of digital media and heightened technophilia, the image we often present to the world is not Christ but ourselves. We build up mini-celebrities in Jesus’s name, calling for the world to follow along. At times, whether Jesus is actuallyContinue reading “When the Church Becomes a Personality Cult”