Religious Freedom Demands We Defend Everyone

For Christians, the rule should be something like this: Protect other people’s religious liberty as you would like your religious liberty to be protected. Many believers will celebrate today because the Supreme Court ruled in Fulton v. Philadelphia that Catholic Social Services in Philadelphia should be able to continue operating according to its religious principlesContinue reading “Religious Freedom Demands We Defend Everyone”

Criticism Is Not Islamophobia

I was pleasantly surprised to hear someone make a distinction between Islamophobia and criticism of Islam. I don’t know anything about Kaveh Shahrooz (so this isn’t an endorsement of him), but he explained what seems to be an obvious difference between two things: “hatred or animus towards Muslim people” (which he affirmed is despicable andContinue reading “Criticism Is Not Islamophobia”

Pray for Hong Kong

According to a recent article in The Guardian, “Nearly every main voice of dissent in Hong Kong is now in jail or exile.” The latest chapter of Beijing’s grab for power saw “Hong Kong police charge 47 pro-democracy campaigners and politicians with conspiracy to commit subversion. All face life in prison if convicted.” The protests, which began with hopesContinue reading “Pray for Hong Kong”

Should I Get Vaccinated?

With the onslaught of the Covid-19 pandemic and the journey to find a cure, the question of vaccines has again risen to the forefront. In regards to the pandemic many people see the vaccine as a viable solution to help move forward towards ending the pandemic and bringing things back to “normal”. However, everyone doesContinue reading “Should I Get Vaccinated?”

Christians, Voting Has Changed

The voting patterns of religious groups in the U.S. have been scrutinized since the presidential election for evidence of shifting allegiances among the faithful. Many have wondered if a boost in Catholic support was behind Biden’s win or if a dip in support among evangelicals helped doom Trump. But much less attention has been paidContinue reading “Christians, Voting Has Changed”

Vaccines and the Christian Worldview

Americans of my generation remember the incredible sight of the first human footprints on the moon. In 1969, the Unites States celebrated one of the greatest technological achievements in human history. The Apollo 11 mission took man into space, landed him on the moon, and brought him back safely. Less than a decade before thatContinue reading “Vaccines and the Christian Worldview”

There Are Teaming Up In England to Protect Religious Freedom

The Church of England has joined a consortium of organisations working together to advance freedom of religion or belief (FoRB) around the world. The Freedom of Religion or Belief Leadership Network (FoRBLN) will offer training to parliamentarians and local belief leaders in eight countries across Africa and Asia. The training will cover human rights issuesContinue reading “There Are Teaming Up In England to Protect Religious Freedom”