Insights to the Next Supreme Court Justice

Christianity Today asked legal experts how a new Supreme Court appointment replacing Ginsburg stands to affect evangelicals outside of Roe v. Wade. Here are their responses, calling out issues such as religious freedom, racial equality, child protection, and free speech. Barry P. McDonald, law professor at Pepperdine University:As it stands, the Supreme Court is controlledContinue reading “Insights to the Next Supreme Court Justice”

The American Political Party System

In an election year, Christian citizens are confronted with choosing between candidates the two major political parties put before them. While some voters have enduring loyalties to one party or the other, voting consistently along partisan lines from one election to the next, it seems increasing numbers are dissatisfied with the options, wishing they couldContinue reading “The American Political Party System”

What Do You Love Most About God?

In a sense, to answer this question authentically, I probably ought not spend any great time theologizing, studying, doing exegesis, or assessing God’s attributes. I ought to simply blurt out — just blurt out — what I feel about God, what I really treasure about him and value and admire. Wouldn’t that be the mostContinue reading “What Do You Love Most About God?”

Guard Your Hearts from the News Media

If you watch the news, have you thought about how it might be negatively affecting your love for God and others? I hope so, because in my experience, watching the news without wisdom is one of the key ways Christians fail to protect their hearts. I have seen this in my own life and in the livesContinue reading “Guard Your Hearts from the News Media”

The Bitter Fruit of Fearing Men

Fear of man, unlike other more glaring sins, often hides itself behind various masks of love. It stalks the fearful and vulnerable while wearing camouflage, covering malice with the appearance of safety, warmth, kindness, even selflessness. It preys on friendships, marriages, families, churches, and workplaces, often without anyone noticing it. And because it kills withoutContinue reading “The Bitter Fruit of Fearing Men”

The Civic Virtue of Gratefulness

If you could be king of America for just one day, what would be the first thing you’d do to fix the country? When asked that very question, the great columnist George Will gave a surprising response. Paraphrased, he said, “I’d make every college student change their major to History and their minor to ContingencyContinue reading “The Civic Virtue of Gratefulness”

Court Sides with Church Over Open Worship

Pastor John MacArthur’s church has been told it can hold indoor worship with singing and no limit on the number of people attending. In-person services have continued to take place at MacArthur’s Grace Community Church in defiance of California’s lockdown orders. MacArthur, whose church is located in Sun Valley, has maintained that the lockdown restrictionsContinue reading “Court Sides with Church Over Open Worship”

Tips to Discuss Politics, Race, Religion and Other Controversial Topics

Who has not been exposed to or may be even involved in discussions of controversial topics these days? It seems that talk of politics, race, religion, and a whole host of other controversial topics are swirling around us everywhere we go. Some topics we can ignore and avoid, and others we get sucked into. SomeContinue reading “Tips to Discuss Politics, Race, Religion and Other Controversial Topics”