Hunt for Coronavirus Cure Casts Light on Fight Against Another ‘Deadly Scourge’

The hunt for a cure for COVID-19 draws attention to another “forgotten” health crisis that continues to claim more than 400,000 lives around the world every year — mosquito-borne malaria. As some political leaders and doctors suggest readily available antimalarial drugs may be beneficial in treating coronavirus patients, Gospel for Asia and other organizations areContinue reading “Hunt for Coronavirus Cure Casts Light on Fight Against Another ‘Deadly Scourge’”

What Doesn’t Kill You

You may not have considered this approach but crises reveal character. It does not make it. Let’s see what we are made of. If the growing novel coronavirus outbreak becomes a lasting pandemic, it could accelerate fundamental changes in the economy, politics and the workplace.The big picture: A truly global infectious disease event like COVID-19Continue reading “What Doesn’t Kill You”

Why Computers Will Not Become Conscious and Take over the World

Back in 1968, Stanley Kubrick’s film 2001: A Space Odyssey played on the fear that computers soon would become conscious, independent, and dangerous to humanity. In the story, the computer, called HAL, controls a spaceship with a human crew. When two crewmen decide to override HAL and retake control of the spacecraft, HAL murders oneContinue reading “Why Computers Will Not Become Conscious and Take over the World”

Why People Are Reluctant to Discuss Faith

Social media and mobile devices have fundamentally changed the way we communicate—particularly about faith. Substantive spiritual conversations have become harder not only because of 280-character limits but also because of shifts in the way the public perceives or subscribes to religion in the first place. For his most recent book, Learning to Speak God fromContinue reading “Why People Are Reluctant to Discuss Faith”

The Economist: marriage is still the best place for children

Wintery Knight blog: There is one big reason to worry about the quality and longevity of people’s intimate bonds. It is that relationships often produce children, and children are profoundly affected by how their parents get on. You could make enough confetti for a summer of weddings with all the academic papers that show howContinue reading “The Economist: marriage is still the best place for children”

“Overthrowing” Darwinism Is on the Table

Ethan Siegel is a physicist who writes a pretty consistently interesting regular blog for Forbes. Yesterday he offered thoughts on “How To Overthrow A Scientific Theory In Three Easy Steps.” He concedes, “Even our best theories of today may be superseded with tomorrow’s science.” And no one, except perhaps some ultra-Darwinists, would disagree. He notesContinue reading ““Overthrowing” Darwinism Is on the Table”