Ageism Is the Newest Threat for the Oldest Among Us

Given the headlines associated with older people, even before the pandemic, it may not be surprising to discover that the last five years has seen a steep rise in ageism in the UK. The government’s recent announcement of the Health and Social Care levy to help address funding of social care has perhaps reinforced theContinue reading “Ageism Is the Newest Threat for the Oldest Among Us”

Science Has Limits

Modern science has dramatically changed the world for the better. All of us have benefited from medical and technological advances. Because of that success, some people have concluded that science can answer all of humankind’s ultimate questions. Does science have “operating limits”? In other words, are there areas of knowledge or questions that the scientific enterprise—because of its very nature—can’t adequatelyContinue reading “Science Has Limits”

We’re Losing a Generation

The pandemic may cause even more younger people to walk away from the Church, says Barna President David Kinnaman. He voiced his fears in a Barna-hosted discussion on Vimeo about the possible impact of Covid-19 on Christians aged 18 to 29 – an age cohort that churches have traditionally struggled to hold onto in recentContinue reading “We’re Losing a Generation”

Study: The Bible Is a Source of Both Confidence and Confusion for Churchgoers

While most regular churchgoers agree that the Bible has the answer for doubts and spiritual questions they have, about half also say they have a hard time understanding the Bible when they read it alone. That’s according to a new poll from Lifeway Research, in partnership with Explore the Bible. They found that 57 percent of Protestant churchgoersContinue reading “Study: The Bible Is a Source of Both Confidence and Confusion for Churchgoers”

Hunt for Coronavirus Cure Casts Light on Fight Against Another ‘Deadly Scourge’

The hunt for a cure for COVID-19 draws attention to another “forgotten” health crisis that continues to claim more than 400,000 lives around the world every year — mosquito-borne malaria. As some political leaders and doctors suggest readily available antimalarial drugs may be beneficial in treating coronavirus patients, Gospel for Asia and other organizations areContinue reading “Hunt for Coronavirus Cure Casts Light on Fight Against Another ‘Deadly Scourge’”