On the Edge of Human Memory

There lingers on the edge of human memory a mood, a notion, a half thought, a vague awareness that once somewhere things were far better than they are now. It is the notion of paradise lost, so deeply textured in the reflections of people of almost all origins. The profoundly moving account of Eden tellsContinue reading “On the Edge of Human Memory”

Could Recession Be a Good Thing?

2020 — the year of the “Great Lockdown,” leading to what some are now calling the “Great Coronavirus Recession.” It was triggered by a strategic wager: sacrifice economic momentum in order to physically distance people, all with the goal of starving and killing off a spreading virus. It was a huge gamble, and it hurt.Continue reading “Could Recession Be a Good Thing?”

Parenting in the Power of the Gospel

All Christian parents desire the spiritual well-being of their children. We want our children to be Christians, to get saved, to know God; however we express it, we want our children to be part of the company of the redeemed. We yearn for the blessing of God’s covenant grace to be on our children. ThisContinue reading “Parenting in the Power of the Gospel”