Why Do Some Christian Believe the Earth Is Only 6,000 Years Old?

Science and faith issues are no doubt a hot topic of discussion when it comes to defending the truth of Christianity. Many Christians hold many different views about the timing and mechanism of God’s creative acts. Some views hold numerous details in common while others may hold only many details in common. It is theContinue reading “Why Do Some Christian Believe the Earth Is Only 6,000 Years Old?”

A Quick History’s View of What It Is to Be a Human Being

In our day, most attempts to understand what it means to be human do not begin with Scripture but rather proceed from a worldly perspective. The most common definition for a human being—or for what it means to be human—is the scientific name Homo sapiens, meaning “wise man.” This term, in distinguishing man from allContinue reading “A Quick History’s View of What It Is to Be a Human Being”

Science Has Limits

Modern science has dramatically changed the world for the better. All of us have benefited from medical and technological advances. Because of that success, some people have concluded that science can answer all of humankind’s ultimate questions. Does science have “operating limits”? In other words, are there areas of knowledge or questions that the scientific enterprise—because of its very nature—can’t adequatelyContinue reading “Science Has Limits”

The Scientific Fields Of Public Health Have Made a Mess of Things

Theoretical physicist Richard Feynman pointed out that science is iconoclastic. He quipped that “science is the belief in the ignorance of experts.” Good science is edgy, takes risks, thinks outside of the box. Real experts are good at what they do, and they understand and acknowledge their own ignorance and welcome controversies and new insights.  Economist AlexanderContinue reading “The Scientific Fields Of Public Health Have Made a Mess of Things”

They Are Still Trying to Explain God Away

We’re often told that science is steadily removing reasons for belief in God. As atheist Jerry Coyne says, “Bit by bit, the list of phenomena that once demanded an explanatory God is being whittled down to nothing.” It’s not that this kind of claim doesn’t have force; indeed, I think it requires careful consideration, andContinue reading “They Are Still Trying to Explain God Away”

God’s Systems Engineer

Before I had children, I worked as a systems engineer at NASA at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, AL. Through my career, I met a lot of brilliant scientists and engineers who were committed Christians. But I also encountered a lot of intellectual skepticism to Christianity, especially on the question of God’s existence.Continue reading “God’s Systems Engineer”

We Know Moral Truths Better Than We Know Many Scientific Claims

I recently came across this article “10 Things You Should Know About Scientism” by Christian philosopher JP Moreland, and he dropped a truth-bomb that is too good to not share. But let me give you a trigger-warning. This is sure to rankle a lot of atheists who seem to unquestionably accept the philosophy of scientism.Continue reading “We Know Moral Truths Better Than We Know Many Scientific Claims”